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Suzuki Axle shims and Ubolts



 Steel Axle Shims.

Steel shims help keep driveline angles correct to help with vibration, prevent U-joint binding, and help fight spring wrap if your pinion is sticking up a bit too high. We carry different sized shims for different needs.

These are steel shims, NOT aluminum! Aluminum shims can cost a couple bucks less, but will crack apart and fail over time. Is your life worth a few bucks? Steel shims will last forever and are VERY safe.

Also great for correcting castor angles on front axles. Improper castor is caused by longer shackles and can cause sloppy handling at highway speeds. Shims are a critical component in proper front end alignment for any leaf sprung vehicle that has been lifted.

2" wide shims would be used on Samurai springs.
2.5" wide shims would be for folks using the Wrangler springs.


Suzuki axle shims (pair)






Our Ubolts are a great upgrade for any suspension lift installation.

Heavy Duty and made from high grade steel with looong threaded legs to fit any size spring pack, spring pad, or axle configuration. Great universal Suzuki sizing for the axles.

Heavy Duty Ubolts