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samurai installation

Samurai Drive Train Products

Low range transfer case gear kits.
6.5, 4.90, and 4.16 Heavy Duty transfer
case kits increase and correct your power
on or offroad for larger tires.

Samurai Spartan Locker 

Powertrax Lockright differential locker kits and 'Spool' kit

MEGA-Mount transfer case mounting
system. Replaces the stock flimsy mounts
that bend easily once you add lower
gears and larger tires.

ARB Air lockers, compressors and accessories.
Differential lockers on the
market for those who want only the best

Suzuki Samurai Wheel Spacer
kits. Widen your stance for more stability
and to help keep the tires from rubbing
on your springs.

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Poly transfer case mounting system,
STEEL beefed up factory long and
and the bombproof short mounting
arms too.

Lower Ring and pinion gear kits
and install kits

Gearing combination packages with
transfer case and axle reduction kits.

Greasable Ujoints. Great for replacements,
a must-have for trail spares.

Toyota driveshaft adaptors. Run Toy axles,
driveshafts, or a combination of Suzuki
and Toyota drivetrain components.

Driveshaft extensions

Anything over 4" in lift height requires
either custom longer driveshafts, or
extensions such as these.

Samurai Traction Bars keep your axle from
wrapping and your springs from getting
twisted up if you are a heavy right-footer.

Chromoly front axles to protect against
those huge tires you insist on using!

Suzuki Samurai Rear Axle Shafts

Chromoly Rear Axle Shafts

Samurai Rear Disc Brake Conversion
Awesome quality systems for the do it
yourselfer. Boost your stopping power!

OEM Samurai Clutch Kit.
No copy-cat, no imitation... only the real
thing baby!


Shifter bushings, bolts, 'sheet',
and other shift lever fix-its.

Warn manual hub kits and components
beef up your front axle system

Samurai Twin Stick Kits
2wd Low and True Neutral

samurai output shaft

Heavy Duty Front Transfer Case
Output kit.
Beef it up with this genuine Suzuki kit!

Samurai Knuckle Rebuild Kits
Complete rebuild kit!

Samurai Transmission and
Transfer case rebuild kits, bearings, seals.

Samurai driveshafts

Heavy Duty Driveshafts
Heavy Duty, strong, beefy, huge, tough....
With a dictionary we could go on and on.
Check them out!

Samurai Brakes

Suzuki Samurai Brake Rotors and Pads