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Bar Pin Eliminators for Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ)



Simple, inexpensive, attractive, and very practical shock adaptors eliminate the need for bar pins on lower front ZJ shocks. Bar Pin eliminators place a preload on the bushing which eliminates the clunking noise that can develop in so many bar pin style shocks.

New design. Great value for the money!

Opens up many more possibilities for shock applications and also allows for more articulation by freeing the binding nature of Bar Pins.

Perfect for extending the length of your shocks a bit as well if you've recently trimmed up the level of your lift. Adds approx. 1.25" to the length of your current shocks. Powdercoated for maximum corrosion protection.

Available only for Front of ZJ Grand Cherokees (up to 98).




 Front Bar Pin Eliminator - $24