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YJ Skid Plate Kits (1987-96 Wranglers)


YJ skid plateThe beefiest engine skid plates on the planet are ready for the '87-'95 Jeep YJ Wrangler! We have models available for both the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines.  

These great engine skid plates require no modifications and are designed to work with or without a suspension lift.

Our kits give you the protection you need when you're starting out with a stock height vehicle that puts your oil pan closest to the rocks. And when you're ready for that 3-4" lift, there's no neeYJ skid plated to modify your engine skid plate or get a new one.

All our skidplates are made of 3/16" thick steel and are powder-coated semi-gloss black for a durable and attractive finish.

Skidplates mount solidly to the Jeep's frame and are specially designed for easy bolt-up installation with no drilling. All that you need are simple hand tools. We've learned from our competition's mistakes to bring you the quality product you deserve.

Off-road testing has also shown that these engine skid plates help you get over obstacles by preventing your transfer case skid plate from catching on whatever you're driving over. So you not only get added protection and peace of mind, your Jeep will be more capable as well!! 

YJ skid plateShown is the engine skid plate on a four cylinder '94 YJ Wrangler. Notice how much the skidplate protects and how it's mounted to provide you with the strongest, toughest engine skid plate available.

The YJ skid plates have been tested for clearance on our 30 degree articulation ramp, and on the trail, to ensure maximum clearance to drivetrain and suspension parts. 

This shot shows how the strut rod attaches to the underside of the driver'sside motor mount. This creates a very strong mounting point that clears the driveshaft even on full compression.



YJ Skid Plate Kits