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yj steering installation

Jeep Wrangler YJ High Steer kit, for lifted Jeeps


  As seen in 4WD & Sport Utility magazine, and on Jeeps Unlimited.


YJ high steer

Click on pic for larger view. Shows the passenger side where the drag link and tie rod meet. Also shows steering shock mount and track bar relocation mount.

YJ high steer

Click on the pic for larger view. This shot shows our exclusive steering shock stock-like mount system, and upper track bar mount.

YJ high steer

Click on the pic for larger view. This shot shows the driver's side knuckle, connecting rods, and track bar mount. Also glimpse our SOA mount system.

Rocky Road manufactures High Steer kits for any Jeep with the factory front Dana 30 axle. If you have something other than a YJ Wrangler, please visit our main webpage to find information on steering kits for your Jeep.


YJ High Steer / Knuckle Over steering correction for Jeep Wranglers

Over-The-Top® (Trademark Pending) steering system replaces the factory Jeep components and places everything ON TOP OF the springs. No other kit on the planet does this. Some systems move the drag link to a higher spot, but we raise the drag link AND the tie rod for a true knuckle over high steer system. Angles are so dramatically reduced that it ELIMINATES bumpsteer. Moving everything to the top helps protect your entire steering system from trail damage. Other kits... they only move the drag link up.


Wrangler YJ High Steering correction kits

The Rocky Road OTT Steering kit are designed for ideal use with Dana 30 front axles on 87-95 Jeep Wranglers with spring over axle suspensions, but will also work on Jeeps with springs under the axles and a minimum of 4" of lift.

The strength and performance of this system will blow all other kits out of the water. The arms are carved from solid machine stock steel with horizontal grain. This makes them incredibly strong and they come with a lifetime warranty. Our new steering system incorporates caliper mounting so that the arm is held solidly on two planes and is incredibly strong. Each knuckle hosts a 5 point mounting system for super strength and safety. All tubing is .25" DOM. Kit comes powdercoated black for an excellent look and durable finish.


Jeep Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod and Drag Links included

Perhaps best of all, this is kit 50-state legal. We use tapered ball joints at each mounting point. Other kits use standard rod ends. Those are illegal to use in a steering system on public roads AND allow play in the system so the steering feel loose. Our kits uses fitted tie rod ends for a precision feel and handling.

We also use LH and RH threads on our tie rod so that alignment can easily be peformed. All tie rod ends are standard off-the-shelf parts for easy replacement if they ever wear out. No custom pieces to track down. We can just give you the universal part number for easy replacement.

The OTT steering system is the only kit to offer full legality on public roads. Drop pitman arms are NOT necessary for this kit with stock or lifted springs. Our engineering takes care of all this.

Want to run a steering shock/stablizer? No problem. Our kit is available with an optional steering shock upgrade kit. It is a simple bolton addition should you decide to add this on later as well.

Price? HA! The other guys fear our pricing! Compare systems and you'll wonder why their setups cost more when you're actually getting much less value. The Rocky Road OTT system offers the ultimate in strength, engineering, and unbeatable pricing!


 YJ high steer



Individual Kit Components: Rocky Road OTT kit  Competition 
Drag link over the top of the springs.
Tie rod over the top of the springs -Under springs
Thick .25 wall tubing  -They use .219 wall
Tapered tie rod ends, street legal  -Non-legal rod ends
Solid steel billet cut steering knuckles -Thin, split design
Mounting provision for steering shock
Powdercoated -They charge Xtra
Better price, value, and engineering -Theirs is over $700!

The above chart is 100% accurate. You might wonder what the heck those other systems include at their higher price with so many red strikes against them. Well... it has us wondering too.

The OTT Steering system is clearly the best choice for your Wrangler. There is no over-steer or under-steer with this system, just perfect handling. It is 50-state legal. Stronger than all get-out, and our price puts other kits to shame. We don't want to make our competitors cry.... but they just might.

Our optional Panhard extension kit allows you to retain your front panhard bar for tight handling and precise steering... also helps eliminate Death Wobble. The kit provides the necessary clearance.

Looks like Jeeps Unlimited did a purchase and review on this kit without us knowing about it. Nonetheless, they were very satisfied with the system. Some more information is available

Please note: If you choose to run a steering shock, you MUST purchase the RRO steering shock kit. It is available as an optional item in our steering kit. No other steering shock can be used without risk of damage to your new steering system. This will void the warranty on your steering system.



YJ High Steering correction System

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YJ High Steer System
YJ High Steer Optional Components


*PLEASE NOTE: High Steer kits will not work with Jeeps that have suspensions moving the axle forward. There are pitman arm clearance issues.
If your YJ has vacuum actuated hubs it will require additional grinding and cutting to fit all the brackets properly.
*Not recommended for Jeeps using hydraulic assist steering.




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