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cherokee lift installation

Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension (and Commanche)


Choosing a lift for your Jeep may be intimidating or confusing for some. There are so many options out there, prices, lift heights. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Jeep in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us. All of our technical staff are highly experienced at vehicle modification and can provide excellent assistance and insight for your decision.


xj lift

xj lift

Old Man Emu XJ Cherokee
4" and 5" Old Man Emu Cherokee
complete suspension systems. OME is
simply the best on the planet
Comanche 5" and 6" lift kits.
Using OME springs and super easy
bolton components for D35 and D44
Old Man Emu 2-3" full Cherokee suspension,
individual springs, shocks, and more



XJ budget lift



XJ control arms



cherokee control arm drop 

2" and 3" BUDGET LIFTS
For Jeepers who recognize that a stock
height Jeep looks ridiculous, and want
a little more clearance to
'make things right'
Fixed, Adjustable, Johnny Joints. All options.
Click to find out why you should look nowhere else
for your control arm needs
The RIGHT way to modify your control
arms. Click on the picture for more detail
on why



XJ shackles



XJ coil spacers



XJ coil spacers
LIFT SHACKLES for Cherokee or Comanche.
Quick easy way to get a bit more height
in the rear
Adjustable height lift spacers for
Cherokee. Raise, lower, YOU control
the front height of your Jeep
Poly coil spacers, 1", 2", 3" for
Cherokee. Why are these the best? Full
height spacers, lifetime guarantee



jeep cherokee track bar



cherokee springs



XJ shock pin adaptor

for Cherokee and Comanche...
Left hand & Right hand drive kits!
New Factory replacement springs. Same
springs you'd get from your dealership...
at a fraction the price
Shock pin adaptors for the tops of your
front shocks



XJ sway bar disconnects



XJ Sway Bar Disconnects



XJ Bar Pin Eliminators
Jeep... Disconnects and swaybar repositioning
kits for ideal axle and swaybar alignment
JKS MJ and XJ Sway Bar Disconnects
Bar pins suck... our kit gets rid of them



cherokee bushings



Jeep Cherokee shocks



Jeep Cherokee Lift Blocks

BUSHING KITS and front bumpstop
extensions for your Jeep
Rocky Road engineered shocks are
designed specifically for the weight of
your Jeep. Most shocks are built for
full-size pickups, then simply sold to
Jeep owners... not Rocky Road
and axle SHIMS for your Jeep
Manufactured from solid steel
No cheesy aluminum junk here...



XJ ubolts





XJ sway bar disconnects

UBOLTS for Jeeps with lift blocks
Castor and Camber alignment bolts, shims,
and ball joints for Cherokee and Comanche
Swaybar Drop Brackets.
A simple, low-cost, easy bolton to
lower your swaybar system on any
lifted Cherokee or Comanche



XJ transfer case drop

Reduces drivetrain angles on taller lifts
to combat drivetrain vibrations




 4WD & Sport Utility magazine

lists Rocky Road's budget lifts as one of the "best products of the year". Quality and flexibility of our system clinched this title. NO OTHER Jeep suspension lift or component on the market made the list!!!