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On-board welder for Jeeps


Since the introduction , in 1997, of the Ready Welder as the first battery powered portable welder, there have been other battery powered welders brought out in the market. None of these have had all of the desirable qualities of Ready Welder. As a result, the U.S. Army is, and has been one of Ready Welder's most important customers.(see Military Testimonials) IMPAC credit cards honored. NSN # 5130-01-522-1379 Military Pack.

Ready Welder is a compact battery powered MIG welder. It operates on two or three 12 volt DC batteries in series, producing 200 to 350 Amps of power for deep penetration of metals. For thinner metals a 12 and a 6 volt battery connected in series to produce 18 DC volts and lower Amps works just fine. The use of a single 12 volt battery is not normally recommended.

The Professionals who use it, report that the Ready Welder is a high yielding asset in their welding trade, because of it's lower initial cost plus it's lower operating costs. A smaller truck can be used to go out for field repairs with the Ready Welder. The setup time and electrical usage costs are less than before they began using this Product.

PORTABILITY: The Ready Welder, in it's case, is light enough to be hand carried.
POWERFUL: This MIG Welder can be powered by batteries, or by AC current when connected to a welding machine as a Spool Gun.
AMPERAGE RANGE: The Ready Welder welds very thin metals using a 12 and a 6 volt battery, (18 volts) or very thick metals with 36 volts DC, (three 12 volt batteries) yielding from 45amps, up to 350 amps of power.
VERSATILE: Welds steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or any weld-able metal or alloy; in addition: Use it as a Spool Gun or as a stand alone welder. Ready Welder II welds with, or without a gas tank, as with flux core electrode wire.
ECONOMY: User friendly, quick setup time, economical to use, low purchase cost, are among the factors making it a "must have" for every tool box.
UNIQUENESS: The Copyrighted design and Patented Circuitry make it a unique product which fills a previously unmet need, worldwide.
SAFETY FACTOR: After a history of nearly 10 years of operation, the Ready Welder Corporation has had no report or claim of any injury from use of the Ready Welder.

If all this seems a bit too technical.... never fear. The one simple thing to keep in mind is that this welder is totally novice friendly, just plugs in for easy use at home or on the trail. There is no easier on-board welding kit on the planet.


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