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Cherokee Rear corner guards


Optional steel corner guards. These work for any year Cherokee.

Jeep without the corner guards...

Jeep with the corner guards. Dramatic difference!

 Available exclusively from Rocky Road are our end corner guards as pictured to the right.

This incredible kit not only makes a huge difference in the look of your Jeep, but also offers incredible protection for the rear corner panels.

The kits will work for any year Cherokee, but is really critical on 1997-2001 Jeeps using an aftermarket bumper. Those model Jeeps come from the factory with a plastic bumper end cap that tends to cultivate rust and just looks like crap when removed as shown in the middle picture to the right. Notice the huge difference in how the same Jeep looks without the corner guard, and then with the corner guard below.

Jeep owners with pre-1997 model Cherokees can benefit from this great cover and protection component.

These corner guards were enginered specifically to work with the Wilderness bumper, but can be used with other bumpers that share a similar mounting system. Note the middle picture to the right to check this out.

Kits are pictured with the Bushwacker fender flares. If you don't have this fender flare kit, the corner guard will stop a little short of the stock fenders. They still work well and protect, but a little black touch-up paint in the gap will make the setup look real sharp.



Cherokee Corner Guards - $93