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XJ Sway Bar Disconnects (also fits Comanche) 



XJ sway bar disconnects

Jeep Cherokee XJ Sway Bar Disconnects

Sway bars are great as they keep your body from rolling around every corner. They really add to the stability of the truck. Unfortunately, they really serve to limit the vehicle's suspension travel as well.

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So.... along comes the sway bar quick disconnect for lifted XJs. With the pull of a couple pins, you can twist your Jeep up a substantial amount more thanks to your free moving front springs. Quick disconnects are also very important if you have lifted your Jeep and need an extension to the stock sway bar link. Our kit serves both needs extremely well.

Some designs out there are real tough to get back into alignment when it comes time to hit the road home, but these are much more forgiving than that.

Made with a double snapper clip for removing the entire bar, we have four lengths to choose from with either an eye on both the top and the bottom, or a post on the top and an eye on the bottom. The basic kit come complete with black polyurethane bushings in two assembled bars. This kit is good for lifts to about 4".

XJ sway bar disconnectsOur standard XJ swaybar disconnect kit requires at least 2" of lift, but also available is our extension system for lifts from 5" on up. For this integrated system, you would purchase our standard disconnect/extension as pictured above, and also pick up our extension brackets pictured to the right.

Swaybar drop kit. Bolts to your frame,
then your swaybar links bolt to the bottom of the extensions.

The extension kit moves the swaybar itself to a lower and more forward position. Doesn't matter whose disconnect kit you have, if you are at or over 5" of lift and your swaybar is not relocated forward and down, then the ends of your swaybar will hit your springs. Our extension kit is designed to address this problem on taller lifts.

The XJ swaybar disconnects themselves are fully anondized to help prevent corrosion with winter road conditions. Our extension brackets for the tall kits are powdercoated black for a clean stealth look and corrosion prevention.


Cherokee & Commanche Sway Bar kits