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Jeep Commanche & Cherokee XJ Sway Bar Disconnects

JKS MJ/XJ Sway Bar Disconnects

XJ Sway Bar Disconnects

The sway bar on your coil spring Jeep is a critical component. It maintains drive ability and control. It also limits the amount of suspension flex that you have.

The best solution is to use an XJ sway bar disconnect. This will allow you to keep your sway bar connected for road driving. When going off pavement you can disconnect your sway bar and gain up to 30% more articulation.

Key features include:

  • 30% increase in articulation by disconnecting sway bar
  • Improve off road performance
  • Variable length doesn't limit your future suspension mods
  • Grease fittings allow for easy maintenance
  • Disconnect or connect on unlevel surfaces
  • Unrestriced movement for 360 degrees and 11 degrees of misalignment capability

Overall, the bumper fits high and tight, preserving the H2's approach angle for superior off-road performance.

*Not compatible with aftermarket sway bars
*Might require some other modifications due to increased suspension travel

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MJ/XJ Sway Bar Disconnects

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