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Bushwacker XJ Cherokee Fender Flares
(also fits Comanche)


Cherokee fender flares

Pictured above, Bushwacker Cut-Out kit. Now you've seen them, we don't even have to tell you how awesome there are.
Here's some details anyway....


Bushwacker Cherokee Fender Flares

Engineered to match the trim lines of each vehicle, these easy-to-install flares feature a sleek, curved design that wraps under the vehicle for factory-installed styling. Bushwacker¹s 'OE Style' Fender Flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle. They come complete with everything required for quick - easy installation.

They're original! Extend-A-Fender are our most popular flares. They blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that's bold enough to turn heads, trim enough to go anywhere. The extra width of the flares give you additional protection from the elements - and an exciting look at the same time. You don't have to honk to get noticed -- with the wide coverage and tough, bold looks of the Bushwacker Cut-Out flares.

Cherokee fender flaresWe also carry Bushwacker Flares for the MJ, Comanche!
Click picture for larger view of Comanche Cut-Out flares.

Whether you're headed for rugged territory or a night on the town, these flares make a powerful statement with some of the widest tire coverage you can find. They extend a five inches beyond the wheel-well opening, so they're perfect for those aggressive, super-sized tires. The design of the flare enlarges your fender opening an additional 2" for better fitting of larger tires.

Pictured down below are a few shots of our green 1997 Cherokee with the flares mounted. You will notice we also have a snorkel on our vehicle. The snorkel was actually a pretty easy fit and the finished result looks 'factory'. A little work with a utility knife and the great trim molding supplied with your flares make this an easy and great looking job.

Cherokee fender flaresThe shots of our company green Cherokee down below illustrate how our flare kits fit on the 1997-2001 Cherokees. Most companies won't have these kits and likely won't know anything fitting to a 1997 or newer Jeep. At Rocky Road, we are Cherokee experts and simply have a better selection of true Cherokee parts.

Cherokee 2-door Bushwacker Cut-Out Fender Flare kit.

We have had folks who have asked about fitting for a Safari Snorkel. As you can see from our green Cherokee pictured lower, not only can it be done, but the end result can look excellent. Flares used with the snorkel require some special trimming. Please contact us if you have any questions on this.

Flare kits are also available for 2Door Cherokees... pictured to the right. Same great strength, looks, flexibility, tire clearance, and other features as the 4dr flares listed and described above, yet designed specifically for your 2 door Cherokee.

Take a look at the Bushwacker flare kits on your Jeeps and a few others by checking out this video from the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT.


Check out our online installation instructions for the 4door 84-96 fender flare kits by clicking

Check out our online installation instructions for the 2door 84-96 fender flare kits by clicking


Unlike other flares on the market that may crack or break apart when they come into contact with a trail obstacle, Bushwacker flares are VERY flexible and pliable. They are made from an attractive, unbreakable thermo-plastic olefin material. Flares come in basic black, or can be painted (instructions include information on painting). The Bushwacker flares are also 100% UV resistant.

Flares come with covered fastener caps. They do require a little sheet metal trimming around the wheel opening, but the instructions are very easy to follow. Bushwacker Cut-Out flares come with everything you need -- including an attitude that just won't quit!


Cherokee fender flares

Also available...
Bushwacker FLAT Style Fender Flares for Cherokees!

These unique looking flare kits offer extreme style for your Cherokee. Click the picture at left for a larger view.

The exclusive Dura-Flex® 2000 TPO textured material is designed for extreme off-road conditions, making them the toughest tube-style alternative that's ready to install and look good out of the box! No Drill application uses factory holes for mounting and the flat matte black finish looks awesome with any paint color.

The same kit fits both 2-door and 4-door Cherokee models. Find pricing information on this kit in the Flat Style flare listing down below.



We get asked this question alot, so..... YES. We do have fender flare kits for 1997-2001 Cherokees. We can't help what our competitors sell, say, or know, but we do have kits for the 97-01 Jeeps as well as the older model Jeeps. We've been selling our flare kits for the 97+ vehicles since the late 90's and it is an excellent system.



These three shots are of our company 1997 XJ with the snorkel mounted in conjunction with Bushwacker flares.
Cherokee fender flares
Cherokee fender flares
Cherokee fender flares


Jeep Cherokee Fender Flares

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