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wk2 lift installation

Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Quadralift lift kit

Fits all Grand Cherokees with air-ride suspension, 2011-2021


wk2 quadralift lift kitWK2 Quadralift air suspension lift kit.

Some people love their Quadralift Air-Ride suspension, some are disappointed, some hate it.

If you're a lover, eventually you will have problems with the suspension, so start saving your money now for the $4-6,000 you will need to fix and maintain this suspension each time it starts acting up, every several years. Get ready...
If you're one of the others mentioned above, Rocky Road has your solution.

Courtesy of our Instagram page, this previously Quadralift equpped Jeep
now rides tall and proud on 275/65 r18 Cooper AT3's with our system installed.

Click the pic for better view.

Rocky Road was the first company to introduce a lift kit of any kind for the WK2 Grand Cherokee back in 2011, and we have done it again with our new suspension lift kit for Quadralift equipped Grand Cherokee, Trailhawks, WK2 Air-Ride (many names, same problem).

If you have ever wanted to install larger tires on your Jeep, you have been shut down by your air suspension which always goes back to 'Low' position. Those days are over! Our kit fits tires up to 33"!!
If you are one of those whose warranty has expired and now you have to replace your Quadralift Air-Ride suspension and are facing the $5000+ price tag for that, Rocky Road is here to help.
If you want to upgrade your air suspension BEFORE it starts to fail (and it will fail), then Rocky Road is here to help.

lifted wk2 quadralift kit
quadralift suspension lift
The Rocky Road Quadralift lift kit removes, replaces, and upgrades your air-ride components. Our patented conversion system combines with Old Man Emu or Eibach lift components to give you up to a 2" rear and 2.75" front lift for your Jeep (this is for North American model Jeeps, international model Jeeps may have different final height results).

Chris Evans' Jeep with the Quadralift lift kit installed.
Chris is sitting on 32.6" tires in this picture (pretty much a 33" tire). You can see they are NOT oversized!
He wants to go to a more aggresive tire when these wear out.

He says... "The Jeep is running great on the new suspension!!"

You can credit Chris for our new Tire-2-Tire rock sliders too. He has the old MOPAR kit which is no longer available, which inspired us to design the new Tire-2-Tire kit while he was in our shop for the suspension installation! Click  WK2 rock slider and Quadralift kit  for info on those new rock sliders!

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

The 'Old Man Emu option' is essentially close to the same height as the OFFROAD II setting on your Jeep for your North American model Jeep, but with a more leveled stance sitting a little taller up front... 2.75" front and 2" rear lift.
The 'Eibach option' provides you with a milder suspension arrangement, still extremely high quality coil springs to eliminate your troublesome air-suspension, with a 1.75" front and .5" rear boost.

Tired of seeing "service air suspension immediately" warnings, tired of leaking suspensions, tired of replacing ridiculously expensive Air-Ride components, or maybe you're dreading NOT IF, BUT WHEN that will happen to your Jeep? Do yourself a favor... remove the problematic Quadralift system and upgrade to a full time suspension lift with a Rocky Road suspension lift upgrade.

Quadralift kit with 33 tires
wk2 quadralift lift kit
Our components allow you to remove the stock Air-Ride Quadralift suspension and upgrade to the the highest quality spring and strut components, all bolton, and easily aligned to factory spec.
Our Deluxe
Quadralift Lift Kits also come with optional new upper control arms as the stock ones are prone to break-down.

Zack Jardin's WK2 Jeep with the Quadralift lift kit installed.
Zack says... "RIDES GREAT!!!"

Zack's Jeep has 275/65 r18 tires on it. These tires measure over 33"!!
Try and put these on your Quadralift air system..
Ain't gonna happen!

Click on the pics for a larger view.

Grand Cherokee Quadralift air suspension lift kit, Trailhawk.
WK2 Quadralift lift kit

The kits come with:
Premium Front Struts                                                  Premium Rear Shocks
Front Lift Coil Springs (choice of spring rates)          Rear Lift Coil springs (choice of spring rates)
Front Coil Spring installation components                 Rear Coil Spring installation components   
Front Leveling strut mount & adapter                        Installation manual (can only be sent with the lift kit purchased)

Optional: Front Upper Control Arms
          Available for all years of Grand Cherokee! 

Preassembled Struts : FREE OFFER... limited time only!!                                              

WK2 Quadralift 2.75" Lift Kit suspension system

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  Quadralift-lift-kit Suspensions
Works for all Quadralift air ride equipped Jeeps, 2011-2021
   DELUXE Quadralift-lift-kit Suspensions:
        includes RRO front upper control arms
   Pre-Assembly for Front Struts: Free introductory Offer, $100 Value!!
highly recommended, saves time, frustration, and errors during install

WK2 Quadralift Mild-Boost suspension system

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   Mild Boost Suspension Upgrade
        Works for all Quadralift air ride equipped Jeeps, 2011-2021
  DELUXE - Mild Boost Suspension Upgrade
 includes RRO front upper control arms
   Pre-Assembly for Front Struts: Free introductory Offer, $100 Value!!
highly recommended, saves time, frustration, and errors during install

PLEASE NOTE: You will be removing the air suspension components. This will give you a warning message at engine start-up to service your air suspension.
This notice goes away when you start driving your Jeep and will change back to your normal MPH / KPH reading. The Service notice will display when you start your Jeep.
quadralift lift kits
quadralift lift kits

Quadralift MILD-BOOST suspension example,
for those who want to toss the expensive and problemtic
Air-Ride suspension for a coil suspension upgrade.

Patent Pending.
Other 4x4 shops who love to steal and copy our designs (ie; any company who currently has a non-spring lift for the WK2).... get ready!
Rocky Road will aggresively pursue any company who steals our patented design on this suspension system. We are no longer going to stand by whle our designs are pirated and stolen!