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wk2 lift installation

Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee 2.5 to 1 Lift and Leveling Kit

Also works with Dodge Durango 2011+

The only WK2 lift NOT made in China!!!

Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2.5" Front, 1" Rear Lift Kit

Heavy Duty Winch Accessory Kit

WK2 Lift Kits
WK2 Control Arms
Optional Wheel Spacers
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After a bunch of requests, we've created the FIRST AND ORIGINAL 2.5" front lift and leveling kit. We do this by combining our standard front lift kit with a 1" rear lift. Now you can get the stance you want without sacrificing maximum lift height and stance.

We have also included a rear only kit for customers who already have the 2.5" rear lift.

If there's one thing that sets a Jeep apart from other vehicles, its the ability to one day customize it, make it bigger, make it better, more capable, basically... JEEP-IFY it! And that's exactly what the Rocky Road 2.5 to 1 lift/leveling kit has done. No longer will you have to grumble about a stock Subaru having better clearance than your Jeep. Or a stock Toyota having larger tires. Rocky Road has the solution to turn your 'standard issue' SUV into a real head turning on and offroad machine... A true namesake to the Jeep heritage!

Use the same kit that Jeep dealers do! Why mess with the ride quality of the nicest Jeep ever made? Our WK2 lift kit retains the factory ride quality and is less expensive and easier to install than replacing springs and struts.

Fits 2011-2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango (2 and 4wd models)

Note: this kit is ONLY designed for Jeeps with the coil spring suspension. Lift Kit is not compatible with Quadra Lift Jeeps.

Please Note: Rocky Road lift kits are currently THE ONLY (non spring) lift kit NOT made in China. All other kits, those by "US Companies" even, are made in China. We are very proud to be manufacturing in the USA... and you should be proud too!
We thank you for shopping "American Made". Rocky Road kits are proudly MADE IN THE USA!!!


You will save over 1 hour of installation time with the Rocky Road kit versus (Rough Country and) other WK2 kits, as our components do NOT require strut disassembly! If you are paying a shop to install your lift, this can easily save $1-200 in your total bill, and those kits also make it impossible to install at home without specialized strut machines.
To reiterate... if you buy those kits to save $10-20 for Chinese made parts, you WILL end up spending $1-200 more for the installation over a Rocky Road kit.

Before, up top.... look familiar?
After, lower down....How it should have looked from the factory!

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