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Bushwacker WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fender Flares
( 2011-2016 )


Jeep Grand Cherokee fender flares

WK2 Grand Cherokee Bushwacker flares

FINALLY!!! Available for the WK2 Grand Cherokee, we now carry the Bushwacker flares. You can see from the picture... we don't even have to tell you how cool these things look.

Here's some details though....

The Bushwacker fender flare kits come ready to install. Engineered to match the trim lines of each vehicle, these easy-to-install flares feature a sleek, curved design that wraps under the vehicle for factory-installed styling. Bushwacker's 'Pocket Style' Fender Flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle. They come complete with everything required for quick - easy installation.

Click the picture for larger view.

They're original! The first of its kind for the Grand Cherokee!!!

These flares blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that's bold enough to turn heads, trim enough to go anywhere. The extra width of the flares give you additional protection from the elements - and an exciting look at the same time.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Fender FlaresWK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fender Flare Installation

You don't have to honk to get noticed -- with the additional .5" of wide coverage and tough, bold looks of the Bushwacker flares. Whether you're headed for rugged territory or a night on the town, these flares make a powerful statement with some of the widest tire coverage you can find.

Picture of the Bushwackers painted to match WK2.

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Unlike other flares on the market that may crack or break apart when they come into contact with a trail obstacle, Bushwacker flares are VERY flexible and pliable. They are made of a virtual indestructible ABS material and have a light texture on them to hide any light scratches from abuse.

Bushwacker flares all come in basic black, or can be painted as demonstrated in the photo to the right (instructions include information on painting). The Bushwacker flares are also 100% UV resistant.

Flares come with covered fastener caps. Bushwacker flares come with everything you need -- including an attitude that just won't quit!

Installation is a breeze and does not require drilling into the side of the body of your new Jeep!


Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Fender Flares

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WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011-2016)

Please Note: Will not fit SRT or High Altitude models