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grand cherokee bumper installation

WK Winch Mount & Bumper, Grand Cherokee

The ONLY  WK winch mount made in the USA

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WK winch bumper

WK Grand Cherokee Bumper and hidden winch kit

Pictured at left is the hidden Winch Mount kit AND our Bumper Combo kit (Bumper and Brush Bar).
This Grand Cherokee is loaded up with optional IPF square lights, and a set of Supersliders as well.

Click picture for a larger view.  

Many so called 'hard core' Jeep owners don't consider the WK a "real Jeep" and don't think you can take these Jeeps offroad, but WK owners know better! After all... IT'S A JEEP!

As a result of the huge popularity of our WK2, Patriot, and Compass hidden winch mount systems, AND many people telling us they wanted the same for the WK Grand Cherokee, Rocky Road responded and created our new hidden winch mount and bumper kits for your Jeep!

If you have been shopping for winch and bumper kits for your WK Grand Cherokee, you may have noticed that your options are limited to very large replacement bumpers which add hundreds of lbs of extra weight on the front of your Jeep. some of those bumper kits are just plain ugly too. Another consideration of those bumpers is that they hang so far out in front, you lose approach angle on your Jeep when you head offroad. This essentially means your Jeep whacks into alot of stuff on the trail.

Many Grand Cherokee owners actually like the simple clean look of the factory bumper, but do also want a winch and some stronger steel components up front on their Jeep. Up until now, you have not had this type of kit available reliably on the market. Rocky Road solves this problem with the introduction of our hidden winch mount and bumper kits!


Winch extension clutch handle. Saves having to cut an access hole in grill to access the clutch lever.

WK winch mount

Pictured at right is the mounting frame and 'clutch key' for the WK Grand Cherokee Winch Mount kit.

 What you do not see when you're checking out the photos of our awesome looking winch/bumper system mounted up on the WK, is THE MEAT of the Rocky Road winch mounting kit. This mounting kit and new crossmember is completely tucked inside and behind the factory plastic bumper shell... reference the photo below-right.

Your factory plastic bumper shell is currently mounted to a thin plastic frame which is attached to a steel crossmember. Our kit completely replaces that crossmember, eliminates the flimsy plastic structure, and provides a new heavy duty steel frame which also includes the new winch mounting provisions. The Rocky Road winch mounting kit comes with the necessary mounting/hardware.


WK Grand Cherokee Bumper, and winch

The Rocky Road winch mount kit is a full bolton system, no welding is required. You do need to make some cuts on the original crossmember, but this kit is designed for folks who are handy working on a Jeep to do at home. An experienced metal-work, fab shop is NOT needed for the installation. Our system really is quite easy to install and beefs up the thin metal and cheap plastic bumper backing (which you cannot see) behind your factory bumper. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with lots of pictures to help make the installation run as smoothly as possible.

In the photo at right you may also notice our optional Clutch Key. This optional accessory allows you to skip cutting a large opening into the vertical slats on your grill. Without the key, you need stick your hand in thru the grill to lock or unlock the winch cable. Our key allows you to drill a smaller hole in the top of the front grill piece and use this simple handle to lock or unlock the winch cable. That smaller hole is completely covered and invisible with the hood closed. The Clutch Key works on both our Smittybilt and Warn winch systems. wk winch mount kit

Another feature of the Rocky Road winch mount is our hood latch brace. The picture at left shows the winch mount and a Warn winch properly installed. Notice the winch control box, that is mounted to our hood brace bracket which is also included in our winch mounting system. This heavy duty brace replaces the 2 small bars you have under your hood latch currently, AND provides a very convenient mounting location for your solenoid box if you want to mount it hidden behind your grill.

Click on the picture to view a larger shot of the installed winch mount, hood brace,
and recommended winch solenoid mounting location.


Please note: If you are installing a winch (our bumper kits require the winch mount whether you install a winch or not), our kits have only been test fitted for the Warn and Smittybilt winches listed below. Other winches may fit, but we can only guarantee the fit of winches sold by Rocky Road for your Compass.

Also note: The Bumper, Brush Bar, and Combo kits may be mounted without installing a winch onto your Jeep, BUT you must still install the hidden winch mount. The reason for this is that behind your plastic bumper fascia is a very flimsy plastic spacer frame. There is no way to attach anything meaningful to the that plastic frame and the thin bumper plastic. You MUST be able to bolt into a sturdier steel component and unfortunately, your WK crossmember is simply not set up for this. You must install our hidden winch mount to mount up any of our bumper kits as a result.



WK Winch-Bumper and Light mounts wk-hidden-winch-mount

Pictured at right is the WK Combo kit containing the Bumper kit and Brush Bar kit.
Note that the Brush Bar kit also contains a built-in pre-runner skidplate wrapping under the factory plastic bumper system!

Click the picture for a larger view.


With all of our Jeep winch/bumper systems, the COMBO kit has always ended up being the most popular setup.

This Combo kit combines our Bumper kit and the Brush Bar kit. Not only is it functional as a great brace and impact plate, this awesome push bar on the front of your Jeep will give it a VERY tough offroad look. It really transforms the look of your Jeep from standard SUV, to that of a trail-ready offroad MACHINE... whether you plan to take it offroad or not. This is the kit you should choose if you want the bumper AND plan to install a winch initially, or one day in the future.  

Our standard Bumper and Brush Bar kits come with light mounting already included. We recommend the IPF lights or Warn lights which are displayed in our photos on this webpage. Some lights may be too large or simply not fit correctly, these light kits are what we designed the light mounting system around.

The Bumper kits can be ordered and installed without the winch opening (no photos) if you wish. Although, the winch mount is still required to mount the bumper kits to your Jeep. See the notes in the italicized font above for more information on the bumper mounting.


^ Above... Winch and Bumper Bar kit (with lights mounted)

v Below... Winch mounted, no bumper, 2005-07 style mounting

wk hidden winch

WK Grand Cherokee Bumper and Brush Bar kits

DESIGN: When you purchase this bumper system, you can be assured it's been designed to suit your vehicle. This kit was engineered by hand, and precision cut using the latest CAD equipment, taking all aspects of the vehicle into consideration. The front of the vehicle was carefully assessed to determine the height of the winch, mounting strength, wiring and cooling lines and hoses, vulnerable equipment and panels, radiator air flow etc. 

QUALITY: The other most obvious feature that sets Rocky Road equipment apart is the quality. Quality of material, quality of manufacture, quality of finish. Our commitment to quality is visible in every accessory we manufacture.  

FINISH: To ensure your investment is properly protected, all Rocky Road kits are treated with a chemical wash, high temperature powdercoat application, and a sealing system. 

JEEP FACTORY TOW HOOK kits. Rocky Road bumpers are compatible with the MOPAR factory tow hooks which we highly recommend. Our Bumper and Brush Bar kits are NOT designed to throw a strap on and yank your Jeep with. You need actual tow hooks for this. The tow hooks are an excellent accessory to mount at the same time as your bumper kit while you have things apart.

While you're at Rocky Road looking at our new winch mount and bumper kits, you should also check out our incredibly popular lift kits & components, rock sliders, and rack systems, all built in the USA by Rocky Road Outfitters.



Note: Winch Mounts require relocation of the intercooler with CRD Diesel model Grand Cherokee. A competent mechanic should be able to make the modification for you.

< Note: 2005-07 owners, the winch mount works perfect. The bumper kits have a gap behind, if you choose to buy a bumper kit. Some folks want a tight fitting finish and look, some don't care. You can always just mount the fairlead to the stock bumper as shown in the photo on the left.

**Also note: Bumper kits will not work on a bumper with parking sensors without you drilling holes into our bumper kit for the sensors to "see" forward.

WK Grand Cherokee Bumper kits

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Rocky Road WK Winch Mounting kit         

**Bumper kits
    Heavy Duty winches with free shipping

        Free shipping available ONLY with purchase of a Rocky Road Winch kit.

     ~WK Clutch Key - Extended reach key for winch clutch lever,
                      saves having to cut a larger hole in the front grill
     ~Fairlead Mounted License Plate Holder

Winches, Lights, and Recovery Gear

warn winch
ipf lights
winch thimble

Warn Winches and Accessories

The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer



WK Bumper kitThis picture shows the Winch Plate kit.
It is a strong and versatile steel bumper kit without the light bar on top.
Excellent for people who have other brush bars or push bars already installed on their Jeep and want a winch!