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grand cherokeei lift installation

3.5" WJ Lift Kit
Featuring Old Man Emu Components



WJ Lift Kit WJ lift kitusing Old Man Emu Components (1999-2004)

Let's face it.. there are at least a hundred different lift kits out there for your Jeep. What separates one from another? Even when we flip thru magazines, they all look the same. It is the pictures of the springs? Shocks? All the nice brackets and bits? Fancy colors? These pictures sure make those kits look nice. So how does one choose?


3.5" lift paired up with the Bushwacker Fender Flares will get you
On top of metric 32" tires... some have even run larger.

Check out the Bushwacker fender flare kits

Underneath it all, underneath all the advertising, the flashy photos, the colorful vehicles, lies the foundation of any lift. The springs. All those lift kits you see all stacked up in the magazines and catalogs, they do have at least one thing in common... stiff riding springs.

Crummy springs are the bane of the Jeep 4x4 world..... prevalent, horrible, tough to identify. Advertising budgets and flashy colors in pictures make great camoflage for them. They'll take your dream toy and turn it into something no one wants to ride in, and you curse every day you failed to research properly and wound up on those stiff big brand name springs. We will get into this in a bit...

You might ask why we only carry a 3.5" lift for your Grand Cherokee. Why not a 5" or 6" like some companies. Simple answer, we don't want angry customers. Once you go over about 4" in lift height, you MUST customize both your front and rear driveshafts to avoid wobbles and rumbles at highway speeds. On top of having to spend close to a thousand bucks on all new drivetrain components, your steering will never track properly again and your vehicle will feel unstable at speeds over about 60mph.

Some companies may not volunteer this information, or worse, may even deny it. They don't want to scare away 'the sale'. Instead of hiding these facts, or simply denying these problems exist, we chose to recognize them and subsequently, keep our lifts mild. This way, you get the best quality suspension AND are still able to enjoy driving safely with your friends and family on a daily basis without putting everyone's lives at risk... which is what you do with lifts over 4" tall on this model of Grand Cherokee unfortunately.



WJ lift kit

WJ Grand Cherokee Old Man Emu lift

Spring manufacture is a fine art which very few companies take the time to engineer properly. The largest names in the business are guilty of it.... mass producing cheap springs that ride brutally stiff, but sell well because of the insane markup that most 4x4 shops get on those springs.... meaning those shops really push those big name kits.

As a general rule, the less markup on a spring there is, the less likely you are to see it on your local 4x4 shop's shelves.

At Rocky Road, we've developed a way to get you 3.5" of lift using only the highest quality Old Man Emu replacement springs. We do this by combining those world's best springs, with our own components for a complete taller system than you can get with any other shop just selling the OME springs.

Simply put, your ride quality is going to be far better than any other suspension on the market.

OME springs... there is no question about it, the world knows that Old Man Emu springs cannot beat for ride quality. Our kits also offer the option of a medium duty spring for use on most Jeeps, or a heavy duty spring for those with aftermarket front bumpers and winch.

For some great engineering information on the Old Man Emu springs included in our system, please click on the OME logo at right.

We also package in soft riding Rocky Road engineered shocks.
Tired of shocks from ProComp, Skyjacker, Superlift, and numerous others 'brand name' shocks designed for the weight of a full sized pickup trucks? So are we!!!

Rocky Road soft-ride long travel shocks. We feel we have designed the best riding shock found on the market today for moderate weight vehicles like our Jeeps. Other shocks are designed for vehicles thousands of lbs heavier (namely, pickup trucks), our engineered shocks are right on the money for a Jeep. Superbly valved for a great ride on road without being mushy offroad. All Trailblazer kits come with the RRO shocks.

OR, the ever-popular Rancho 9000XL Adjustable shocks are available as an upgrade option, which allow you to adjust and dial in your shocks for your favorite setting, or change it up depending on the driving and terrain you hit for the day.




WJ lift kitShot of tcase drop kit. Keeps driveshaft angles in check.

Click for larger view. 

WJ lift kitPicture of rear swaybar drop kit.

WJ lift kit
Front Track bar. Notice offset bushing mount which provides max clearance. Click for larger view. 

WJ lift kitPicture of the rear WJ Ylink spacer kit.

Click on picture for larger view.

3.5" Grand Cherokee and OME lift

On the left you will find some photos of a few of the pieces in our Trailblazer system for your Jeep.

Also included in our suspension.... The front features a fully adjustable replacement track bar and allows for ultra fine-tuning for front-end alignment purposes. The replaceable tie rod end is a very nice feature since the ends are available at any auto parts store. The factory track bar is one piece which makes it an expensive proposition to replace when (and the factory one always does) the tie rod end goes back. We have track bars for standard Left Hand drive, or Right Hand Drive Jeeps (UK, Australia, etc).

As well in our front end system, we supply lower control arms with correct mis-alignment to allow clerance for your tires. Check out your stock lower control arms and you'll see what we mean with this offset. Using our kit allows you to achieve a 100% stock spec alignment for precise high speed handling and castor/pinion alignment.

For the rear, we provide a Y-link spacer kit which provide correct pinion and driveshaft alignment. Very easy to bolt-on. Our rear system also includes rear sway bar drop links essential to keeping the sway bar from damaging critical components at this lift height.

Also included in our system is a transfer case drop kit. This is necessary for any lift over about 2" to help avoid purchasing custom driveshafts. While new driveshafts are never a bad idea when you start playing hard.... most folks cringe at the thought of having to spend an extra $700-1000 just for driveshafts when a simple drop kit such as ours will take care of the job just as well.

We do also offer optional front sway bar disconnects which are excellent for maximizing your front end suspension flex when offroad. A recommended option for any system over 2" in lift height unless you already have a disconnect system on your Jeep.

And... as listed above, the very finest lift springs on the planet by Old Man Emu. They are what makes this kit THE BEST riding and most durable 3.5" lift on the planet.



In a nutshell, each WJ Lift kit includes:

Old Man Emu replacement coil springs front and rear. Simply put, the best riding spring on the market available. Front springs available in medium or Heavy Duty (for those with heavy winch and bumper setups).

Terry Chilcott was just a little enthusiastic about his new lift...
Dude! Your WJ Trailblazer Lift kicks ass! Yesterday, I tackled a few gnarly sections of eroded Kansas Flint Hill limestone with complete aplomb.
Plus, she glides right on down the highway at 80+ like a frikkin Cadillac. There is absolutely no noticeable increase in body roll, despite the higher CG. All-in-all, I am very pleased with the results.
WJ lift kit
Click the picture for a larger view of Terry's Jeep.
Have fun Terry..
Coil spacers front and rear round out the full 3.5" lift height on our system. Our spacers are high density polyurethane with a lifetime guarantee.

Rocky Road engineered shocks. A great soft riding shock designed for the medium weight of the Grand Cherokee. Rides like a dream onroad as opposed to other STIFF shocks.

Adj Front Track Bar. Anytime you go over 2" in lift, you must replace the front track bar to keep proper front axle alignment and handling. We have kits for both Left hand and Right hand drive Jeeps.

Rear sway bar mounts. Correct alignment on rear sway bar to avoid contact.

Rear Y-link spacer kit.

Transfer Case drop kit. An unfortunate side effect of lifting WJ's over 2" is the need to also drop the transfer case. This helps keep driveline vibes at bay by reducing the ujoint angles and stress on the rear slip yoke.

Front lower control arms with offset for tire clearance. 


All these items add up to the finest riding, most durable, and tightest handling suspension on the planet.
No hocus pocus parts that are unnecessary.
Just the required components to make your Jeep ride better than stock, be stable on the interstate at 80mph, and offroad performance.

Truly no system out there will beat the ride quality of this system and our pricing makes the competition want to cry.





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WJ Lift Kit
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WJ lift kitAlbert Tidy of Santiago, Chile, sent us this picture of his beautiful Jeep.
He uses 315/65/ R17 a tire on AEV wheels
Click the picture for a larger view.

We do not recommend this tire size without trimming planned, or cut-out flares seen