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Not just because we're real fourwheelers out on the trail every chance we get....

Not just because we are all about the 4wheeling enthusiast with products by the 4wheeling enthusiast....

Not just because we really do build our stuff to be the strongest and most well thought-out 4WD equipment on the market today....

And maybe not even because our prices are the lowest around....

Do it because we care about the sport!!!

We're not in this to just make a living. Rocky Road always has been, and always will be about real 4wheeling. This means we have a commitment to the sport. Oh sure.... on any weekend, you may find us out wheeling on our own trails, or making a cross-country trip to some distant event. However! You may just as easily find us working on or building up local trails, hosting a 4WD event, or possibly sitting at a meeting or 'hearing' pushing for the rights of mechanized recreators.... like you and us! It is easy to find shops with guys that like to go play, or maybe don't even drive 4x4's at all. Our committment to trail access makes us a rarity among 4WD shops nowadays; a shop that actually fights for 4WD access and we appreciate your support in supporting us.

After all, we won't be able to sell any of our great off-road products if all the trails disappear. Even before Rocky Road came into existance, we were active in the community and environment to further those things which we love to do so much.

We are members and associate members of local and state 4WD clubs who are active in negotiations with land managers and trail conservation efforts to maintain public access; we are members of 2 regional 4WD associations dedicated to preserving trail access; we are members of Tread Lightly, an organization which preaches and practices responsible trail usage. We are charter members of the Landuse Network (LUN) which is an internet group who focus on trail access issues and motivating trail legislation. We are also active members of USALL, another internet group dedicated to trail access issues here in our home state of Utah. Our involvement in the fight to keep fourwheeling a part of our futures is ongoing, everpresent.... and we take it very seriously.

Rocky Road is also very happy to be a family owned and operated business. When you purchase from Rocky Road, you'll be dealing with 4WD enthusiasts who own and build their own personal 4WD vehicles. We are a growing company proud to currently employ 21 hard-working individuals and help support their famlies. Our employees will do their best to make your buying experience as pleasant as possible. We thank you for your patronage and promise to keep giving back to our local civic and 4WD community for as long as we are in existance.

Why shop Rocky Road? Because not only are our products simply the best and most price conscious around, but hopefully also because we take the time to give back to the great adventure which we call fourwheeling...




Please.... get involved in your local area!





History is made in Utah as lift laws get MORE LENIENT... and Rocky Road was happy to be instrumental in this.
Owner Glenn Wakefield takes his place with other notable Utah 4x4 advocates next to the Governor's bill signing.

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