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Information on Rocky Road Outfitters Wholesale pricing program.

Rocky Road is pleased to offer dealer pricing to verified offroad businesses and installation facilities. We have been building high quality parts for all sorts of 4WD vehicles over a decade. Everything we build comes with a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking. Very few manufacturers can offer this type of warranty. We build our parts to last forever and so can offer this warranty with confidence to our customers and yours. We are a full manufacturing facility currently with 20 employees; all of whom are dedicated to providing the highest quality products with top customer service.

Rocky Road Outfitters is a subsidiary of Summit Off-road llc, as is Wasatch County Coating and Rocky Road Outback. WCC is a custom coating sister company that handles all powdercoating on Rocky Road built parts. RROutback is a new division handling outdoor camping equipment. Our wholesale price program only applies to Rocky Road Outfitters manufactured parts.

While everybody else is slashing margins as thin as they can selling the same lift kit or rock slider as a million other offroad shops, you can stand apart with high quality Rocky Road parts. You also have an unparalleled advantage with our award winning online customer service with emails. If your customers have installation or tech questions on Rocky Road parts, just have them contact us by email and they will get the most qualified answer direct from our chief engineer. Try and get that from any of the 'big box' lift companies! There are many reasons to sell Rocky Road parts... increasing your bottom line is the most obvious though.

Terms and conditions:

You must be able to provide a government business license for an automotive based shop or installation facility. You must be able to provide contact information for the licensing agency that issues the license. If you are in a city, please provide the direct phone number to the office within your city that can confirm your business license. Same goes for county or state as well. If we cannot get a confirmation of legitimacy of the business license, we will be unable to offer wholesale pricing.

For companies within the US, You must provide a state resale tax ID number.

You must provide us with a link to your automotive themed website. Contact information on the website must match the information on your business license.

Rocky Road logos and photos from our website may be clipped for use on dealer websites ONLY with permission. We will issue dealers a password which must be provided in order avoid copyright violations and subsequent legal actions. Keep the email with this password safe as it your "get out of jail free card" for copyright violation if your website is spotted with our logo.

Payment is due in full before we will ship. Initially, we will only accept a credit card or money orders. If a track record is established, we may accept company checks and eventually work into billing terms over time.

We will drop ship to your customer. Call our sales staff toll free if you have questions on this.

Please note that only products listed on our Blue Sheets can be discounted, or are counted toward the buy-in dealer price..... ONLY products in our Blue Sheets. We do carry a number of non-Rocky Road manufactured items which we are not able to sell wholesale and do not count toward our wholesale pricing buy-in. PLEASE NOTE, Rocky Road is also an authorized ARB wholesale distribution point, our ARB dealer program is separate as required by ARB. Purchase of ARB products does not count to Rocky Road dealer pricing, nor do Rocky Road parts count toward the ARB buy-in.

All of the above fine print aside, we do look forward to serving you, your customers, and helping your bottom line with our great line of lifetime guaranteed parts.

If you have questions on any of our parts, warranty, terms, shop qualification, pricing, etc... please call or email us and we will get back to you in a timely manner.