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Roof Top Tents for Suzuki Vitara / Grand Vitara
XL7 and Geo Tracker

Rocky Road and Tepui have teamed up to bring a rack system designed for use with the Tepui tent kits.
Look thru Tepui's website and you will find vehicles using Rocky Road racks to display their tents in their own sales literature.
While we do carry Tepui Roof Top Tents for any vehicle, our low-profile Adventure racks for your vehicle are a perfect system to use for the Tepui tents,
even Tepui thinks so by using them on their own vehicles for their own print and online sales information.

Rocky Road Adventure racks and Tepui Tents... a match made in heaven!

Please click vitara roof rails for the link to our Grand Vitara Roof Rail kit
which gives the strength you need for a roof Top Tent system, over the weak plastic rails from Suzuki.

And... Please click vitara roof rack to view our Adventure Roof Rack kits, which were the same kits Tepui Tents used on
vehicles in their fleet for the photographs you see on official Tepui photos on their websit and sales literature.

Click on each photo for pricing and more information on each line of tents...
Tepui Ayer tent
Tepui Kukenam tent
Tepui Autana tent

Tepui Ayer / Baja Tents

Tepui Kukenam Tent

Tepui Autana (showing Annex kit)

Tepui tent options
Tepui Tent models, options, sizing, and features.
Click this image for better view.

Watch how a Tepui Tent is opened and set up...

Typical installation of a Tepui Tent...

Tracker Sidekick roof top tent

Suzuki Vitara / Geo Tracker Roof top Tent