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samurai lift installation

The 'Trailblazer'

7" and 8" Suzuki Samurai SPOA Lift Kit



Samurai SPOAThe Trailblazer suspension system is the most well-engineered and trail proven SPOA combination lift system available today. The proof lays in the individual components of the overall combination.

Our Rhino-coat painted Samurai on the Rubicon.
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Why a Samurai Trailblazer SPOA?

Up first.... the suspension system's foundation.

This begins with the Rocky Road SPOA kit. Our SPOA kits are widely regarded by industry experts and most knowledgeable Suzuki enthusiasts as the best choice for Spring Over Axle lifts on the market for Samurais.

There is a great deal of engineering that goes into our SPOA system which is also used in the Trailblazer combination kit; and the Trailblazer features both our weld and bolt-on spring over axle systems. We would recommend to view all the details on our spring over systems by going directly to the...
SPOA weld-on webpage

Or by going directly to the...
Bolt-on SPOA webpage
Samurai SPOA
Samurai SPOA
Samurai SPOA

Along with the famous Rocky Road SPOA system, we include our SPOA lifted springs, as well as Rocky Road long travel shocks. This suspension system not only makes your vehicle look like an offroad monster, it performs like one as well.

The Trailblazer's spring of choice is not only a very tough offroad spring, but also rides comfortably on the highway; AND comes with the unique feature of a double military wrap for excellent durability and strength. Spring Over systems are known to be tough on lifted springs which is why we only recommend these springs for those who want a taller Samurai spring on their SPOA. With the Trailblazer system, you're getting the matched system all right up front.

Also included are our engineered shocks.... well known for their plush Samurai ride quality on and offroad. Additional Trailblazer components includes a full height steering system, driveshaft extensions, and brake lines. All correct perfectly for the lift height and allow for maximum flex on the trail. Trailblazer springs also come with bushings included!

If you are wanting to go big, go with a system that has been proven for years by the best suspension manufacturer on the planet for Suzuki..... Rocky Road.

Ibrahim Niazy has probably the most bad-a$$ looking Samurai in Saudi Arabia. Bolton Trailblazer lifted!

Ibrahim has bought a ton of parts from Rocky Road, some of which you can view
on his Trailblazer lifted Samurai.
We really dig the look of his Bolton Trailblazer suspension
Zuk and so are sharing a few photos. Plus, just cool to know there are Zuk enthusiasts
in places as far off as the Saudi Desert.

Click the pics for a larger view and enjoy! 

Trailblazer Samurai SPOA Systems Include:

Rocky Road Deluxe SPOA lift system
Rocky Road lifted springs with double military wrap
Front and rear spring-eye bushings and sleeves
Rocky Road engineered long-travel shocks

Please note that 86-88 Samurais will require an additional rear brake line.   



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Samurai SPOA


8" Trailblazer system running 33x15.5" Swamper TSL SX's
Rubicon Trail.