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samurai lift installation

Tracker/Sidekick Lift Spacers


Sidekick Lift

Add some extra height to your Sidekick, Tracker, Vitara, Grand Vitara, or XL7 by using Rocky Road coil spacers.

Our Tracker/Sidekick lift spacers fit on top of your current coil springs or lifted to increase your ride height without changing your ride comfort or diminishing handling.

Sidekick Lift
Sidekick Lift
Sidekick Lift

Sidekick Lift

Steve Albright's Sidekick SPORT has the Rocky Road 2" body lift and 1" coil spacer lift with 235/85/r16 tires.

In fact, the nature of the polyurethane spacer system may even add some extra cush to your ride. You can add them to your stock springs, or on top of any lifted spring. Our coil spacers are compatible with any suspension kit on the planet for your vehicle.

Great to use on their own as an inexpensive and easy lift as well. Our new coil spacers are designed specifically for your vehicle front and rear. No modification necessary. They are specific to each end of your vehicle so note front or rear at the time of order. This great pieces provide just a bit over 1" of lift


ROBERTO HILERIO from Puerto Rico shows off his coil spacer lifted Vitara in standard photo format...
and again with a bit of photo customization.




Sidekick/Tracker Lift Spacers (pair)