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Toyota Lift Kits & Parts

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Choosing a lift for your Toyota may be intimidating or confusing for some. There are so many options out there, prices, lift heights. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Toyota in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us. All of our technical staff are highly experienced at vehicle modification and can provide excellent assistance and insight for your decision.


Toyota 40 Series Cruiser Toyota FJ Cruiser  Toyota Tundra
Toyota 60 Series Cruiser Toyota Tacoma Toyota Pickup 
Toyota 75 Series Cruiser Toyota 4Runner   Toyota RAV4
Toyota 80 Series Cruiser & LX450 Lexus GX470
Toyota 100 Series Cruiser & LX470
Toyota 200 Series Cruiser

Toyota axle shims

Steel axle shims for Landcruiser and trucks.
NOT cheesy aluminum... true solid billet
steel shims!

Differential Drop Kit

Toyota Differential Drop Kits
Reduce CV axle stress

Toyota Body Lifts
Various models and lift heights

Rocky Road engineered shocks are designed
specifically for the weight of your Toyota. Most
shocks are built for full-size pickups, then
simply sold to Toyota owners... not Rocky Road


If you don't see a suspension listing for your vehicle, please contact us. We do carry a number of Landcruiser suspensions which are somewhat rare and so not listed above.



Rocky Road engineered shocks.

We tested other brands of shocks for many years and were often very unhappy with the ride quality. We tried all the big 'name' shocks, Edelbrocks, Bilsteins, ProComp, Skyjacker, etc. All the same, all too stiff for the Toyota. So, we engineered a shock that stands head and shoulders above the rest for ride quality.... the Rocky Road Engineered shock.

These shocks are absolutely perfect for folks who want a great on and off-road shock, but don't want to spend over $200 buying them (and doesn't want to deal with their hassles). These shocks are valved lightly for a very smooth highway ride.

Are you looking at shocks from companies that produce lift kits for full-size pickup trucks? If so, those shocks that are desgined to work on 10cylinder diesel pickup truck lift are the exact same shocks that the lift company is supplying for your Toy. Does that sound right to you? How do you think a shock that is engineered to accomodate a 6-7,000 truck are going to ride on your vehicle weighin 1/3 that amount? Common sense will give you the answer to that question.

We engineered these shocks specifically for their ability to provide great on and off road performance for Toyota.... not full size pickup trucks.... Toyotas. We size them perfectly to run with all our lifts and carry them in most every length for any application.

Rocky Road shocks




No more guessing!
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