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Differential /Axle Rock Guard for Toyota 7.5" and 8" differentials

Toyota differential guards

What is the single most exposed component on your entire vehicle? Want a hint? How about, what is the lowest point on your vehicle and therefore the most prone to smashing into rocks, stumps, whatever.... Now you're getting the picture, YOUR AXLE!

All it takes is a split second miscalculation in your otherwise precise, skillful, and dare we say.... quite masterful vehicle driving (we're not trying to 'kiss up' here :^) and your vehicle may be incapacitated from a leaking housing or broken ring gear.

That danger makes these an absolute must for the serious offroad enthusiast. From a bone-stock vehicle on up to a competition Rock champion, differential guards are THE most basic and essential items for any 4WD that sees dirt time. No more worries about rocks taking out our ring gears.

Our differential guards use thick steel plate for the base ring. This helps spread the load of any impact over the surface of the differential. The armor structure is a very beefy cold rolled round stock for the hoops and bars. Solid round stock is used to take away the chance of the tube collapsing or crushing. Each guard is jig welded for precise fitment every time and clamped for the cooling procedure to help ensure a good straight girdle.

The other problem in this regard is the ugly selection from other vendors for diff protection. Half-pipes are for skateboarders.... not differential protection. As with all Toyota guards, this is a weld-on cover. If you're going to permanently weld something to your vehicle though, you might as well have it be something attractive as well as functional. No one achieves this balance as well as Rocky Road. Our guards work for front (non-IFS) or rear. 

All welds are cleaned and sharp spots are buffed off to leave a clean and smooth product. They are shipped with a glossy black finish for a great look when installed.

Toyota Diff Rock guards

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Toyota Differential Guards