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 TJ skid plate

Rocky Road carries engine and other skidplates for most Jeeps. Please use the search engine box up and to the right to scan for more skidplates and armor plating for your particular Jeep be it a Wrangler, Grand, Cherokee, Liberty, etc.


These great engine skid plates fit the '97-2001 JeepTJ Wrangler! We have models available for both the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines.

Of the three current designs offered by the competition, one requires 3" of suspension lift, another hits your driveshaft if there is a lift installed, and the third requires modifications to your exhaust system. The engine skid plates are for both 4 and 6 cylinder Jeep TJ's. These engine skid plates require no modifications and are designed to work with or without a suspension lift. This gives you the protection you need when you're starting out with a stock height vehicle that puts your oil pan closest to the rocks. And when you're ready for that 3", 4", or sky's-the-limit lift, there's no need to modify your engine skid plate or get a new one. These skid plates are made of 3/16" thick steel and are powder-coated semi-gloss black for a durable and attractive finish. They mount solidly to the Jeep's frame and are specially designed for easy bolt-up installation with no drilling. All that you need are simple hand tools. We've learned from our competition's mistakes to bring you a quality product you deserve.

TJ skid plateOff-road testing has also helped determine that these engine skid plates help you get over obstacles by preventing your transfer case skid plate from catching on whatever you're driving over. So you not only get added protection and peace of mind, your Jeep will be more capable as well!!

Shown is the engine skid plate on a six cylinder '97 TJ Wrangler. Notice how much the skid plate protects and how it's mounted to provide you with the strongest, toughest engine skid plate available. The skid plate is mounted to the lower control arm mounting point on the chassis on the passenger side using the original bolt. On the driver's side the skid plate is supported via a strut rod that runs up to a bracket that is bolted to the chassis on the under side of the driver's side motor mount. At the rear the skid plate clamps to the factory transfer case skid plate.

The TJ skidplates have been tested for clearance by using a fork lift to fully articulate the suspension of the vehicle. The skidplate has also been tested on a 30 degree articulation ramp to test for clearances and to check suspension modifications. As you can see there is plenty of clearance no matter how much lift your suspension has.




So how does this skidplate stack up against the competition? A picture tells a thousand words. Click on the pick to see for yourself.

TJ skid plate

TJ skid plate

Click on the picture to see what happened to the competitor's skidplate

Click on the picture to see how our skidplate held up.

These engine skid plates are designed to be the toughest, best quality skid plates you can buy.... Period! Rocky Road's reputation is very important to us and so is your fun. We make sure that all our products are everything you want and more to make sure you get farther along the trail!

The pictures above are a strength/deflection comparison between the competitor's undercarriage skid plate on the left and this engine skid plate on the right. As you can see, there is a great difference in strength from one skid plate design to another. The competitive skid plate deflected 2-3 inches, while this skid plate didn't deflect at all. These skid plates have been designed to be as strong as possible because a strong skid plate protects better and lasts longer. A properly designed skid plate should be able to support the weight of the vehicle since that is exactly what it will be doing whenever you get hung up on an obstacle.

As obvious as this may seem, a skid plate should be bolted solidly to the vehicle in order for it to take the abuse a really fun trail can dish out. Even the best adhesives won't hold for long with the vibration, temperature extremes, and oil contamination that an engine can create. An oil pan skid plate that falls off after one hit isn't a bargain, even if it's free. Look at the picture below. What's going to protect your engine over the next rock?



Only the best materials have been used by the best craftsmen in the business. We know that you want protection that works and is dependable. We also know that part of your fun is working on your vehicle yourself. So we make sure these skidplates are tough, but not tough to install.

TJ skid plateAll of engine skid plates have the following features:

3/16" thick steel
Powder-coated semi-gloss black for a durable and attractive finish
Bolt-on Installation
Solid Mounting Points
Oil Drain Hole
Works with Suspension Lifts
No Modifications Required

Here is a close up of an unpowdercoated skid plate. Notice the 3" diameter oil drain hole for easy maintanence.

PLEASE Specify your year and engine size at the time of order to insure receipt of the proper skidplate!!!



TJ Skid Plate Kits

Please note: If you have an aftermarket exhaust header that goes under your engine or transmission, our skid plate will not fit properly. An example would be the Borla exhaust header for 1997 model TJ's.