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 Wrangler TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate



TJ gas tank skid

Designed specifically for your Jeep Wrangler TJ.

The Jeep TJ's gas tank hangs lower than any previous Jeep. While we're not sure why, we know what to do about it! Actually, we give you two options.

The easiest solution is to cover up the original gas tank skid plate with a much better one. Our TJ gas tank skid plates simply bolt on right over the original so you don't have to drain your gas tank and remove it. They are made from 3/16" thick steel on the bottom with 1/8" thick sides and come powder coated in semi-gloss black. We have one installed on our project TJ and it has taken a beating in Moab, Tellico, and some of our local trails. We haven't had any problems with ours so we're happy to recommend them to you.

TJ gas tank skidThe other solution we offer is a 1" raised gas tank skid plate. This not only provides you with the protection the factory didn't give you, but it provides you with an extra inch of ground clearance as well. You will need to remove the gas tank and pitch the original skid plate since you won't need it any more. To install this skid plate you will need a 1" body lift as well, but that just gives you more tire clearance so that's a good thing!

This skid plate is also made from 3/16" thick steel on the bottom with 1/8" thick sides and comes powder coated in semi-gloss black. Keep your Jeep from becoming a weapon of mass destruction with this ultra tough fuel tank skidplate to keep your gasoline inside where it is supposed to be.


TJ Gas Tank Skid Plates



TJ gas tank skid