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Titan Shock Rock Kit



While our beloved Titans are the best looking trucks on the planet, and are quite capable offroad, Rocky Road keeps finding simple ways to improve the strength and reliability of our trucks. Case in point... the lower shock mounts on your rear axle.

Click the picture for larger view of our Shock-Rock guards.

Now you may or may not have changed the shocks on your truck and so maybe haven't encountered some of the flimsiest steel on your truck, but take a look at your rear axle and there it is. Remove the shock and you can actually bend those mounting ears which your bare fingers. That's just not right!

This is an area highly exposed to rocks, stumps, clumps, roots, all manner of trail hazard reaching up to tweak and bend your shock mounting system. Once you take a look at your shock mounts, you'll realize just how silly these flimsy mounts are.

Well, Rocky Road being a true Nissan Titan 4x4 shop (not just another retailer of the same old 'show' parts) has come up with a simple solution to this issue. Our bolton Shock-Rock guards. These provide an incredible amount of strength and protection to your shock mounting system, and to the shock bases themselves.... helps save your bushings and shock tube if you ever whack a rock or root. Notice in our photo below how the kit wraps up around the axle to provide a true rock slider style protection system!

These kits also serve another purpose. If you've added a mild amount of lift to your rear suspension and don't want to have to pony up for a new set of longer shocks, our kit will allow you to mount the shocks at the stock position, or at a raised position so you can maintain full suspension flex. No sacrifice in wheel travel from having shocks too short. No need to buy new rear shocks with a mild lift to the rear end.

Picture at right shows the Super Strong mounting system
and dual shock height mount positions.
Click the pic for a larger view

Rocky Road Shock-Rock kits come with all mounting hardware. The protective mounts are designed to flip forward and backward same as the stock mounting system on the axle. They're a simple bolton installation that anyone can do at home in their own driveway. Just some wrenches and a drill are all you need. All kits come powdercoated in a durable black finish (Please note: photos display the kit in high contrast red for easy viewing).

Note: Will NOT work with the Titan XD 


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Nissan Titan Shock-Rock kit