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Nissan Titan Differential /Axle Rock Guard



Nissan Titan Diff guard, axle protection

What is the single most exposed component on your entire vehicle? Want a hint? How about, what is the lowest point on your 4WD and therefore the most prone to smashing into rocks, stumps, whatever.... Now you're getting the picture, YOUR Differential!

Picture of our updated Nissan RockGuard design.
Shown in red for easy viewing on the vehicle, kit comes in BLACK
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All it takes is a split second miscalculation in your otherwise precise, skillful, and dare we say.... quite masterful vehicle driving (we're not trying to 'kiss up' here :^) and your vehicle may be incapacitated from a leaking housing. Or, you may just bend or crack the fragile aluminum housing on your electronic locking diff cover. One glance under your truck and you can see how exposed this fragile looking part is...

That danger makes these an absolute must for the serious offroad enthusiast. From a bone-stock vehicle on up to a built TITAN MONSTER, our diff guard is are THE most basic and essential items for your truck. No more worries about rocks taking out your expensive diff and cooling fins.

Best protection, Titan diff guard

Our differential guard uses thick steel plate completely enveloping your aluminum cover and the lower housing of the axle. The mounting system clamps both the front and the rear of the differential for a VERY solid lock. And the front curves up and ramps to the axle housing for a true slider effect. This helps spread the load of any impact over the surface of the differential. Each guard is jig welded for precise fitment every time and clamped for the cooling procedure to help ensure a good straight girdle.

A drip hole on the bottom allows proper drainage for wet and moist environments.

Gusseted and reinforced at multiple positions to handle attack and impact from all directions!
Kit comes powdercoated black.

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All welds are cleaned and sharp spots are buffed off to leave a clean and smooth product. All Rocky Road Guards are shipped with a powder coated BLACK finish for a great look when installed (Please note: photo shots are in red for high contrast illustrative purposes). Low profile of the guard keeps it tucked up high for maximum trail clearance over obstables and trail debris.

A bolton installation means no cutting or welding required. 2 additional forward mount holes are drilled for the most stable mounting system. This is a kit anyone can install at home in their own driveway!

The Rocky Road Titan Diff guard works for both the standard open rear differential, and the electronic limited slip/locked differential. One kit for both types of axles!  




Titan Rockguards, 2003-2015

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Nissan Titan Differential Guards

 Please note: The Titan Diff guard are not a stocked item. They are 'built to order', not available for immediate shipment. Thanks.