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sx4 lift installation

Suzuki SX4 Skid Plate (hatch back only)


SX4 Skid PlateA problem becoming more common as SX4 owners are pushing the limits of their vehicles is a lack of front skidplate. Sure the factory throw a plastic dust shield on there, but many of you know what its like to puncture, gouge, shred, or just simply destroy that silly plastic piece. Rocky Road as the premier Suzuki parts manufacturer has designed a fix.

The SX4 Prerunner skidplate.

Kit with hardware pictured at left. Click for larger view.


Easy to install and beefy as hell! This easy bolton kit is built from heavy duty 10gauge steel.

Gives full coverage to the engine and transmission basically running form the radiator back to the rear crossmember. Comes complete with hardware and instructions. Combines perfectly with our Rockrail and Superslider kits giving you the ultimate in complete vehicle protection. Makes your Suzuki bulletproof from the bottom up.

The engineering on this kit not only protects, but also allows access to the oil drain plug and removal of the oil filter without having to drop the skidplate!

All skidplates are CAD cut for great fit every time. They are also powdercoated in a great looking black finish..

SX4 Skid PlateIf you are looking for the best protection for your Suzuki, look no further than Rocky Road, you have found it.

Skidplate pictured installed, looking from front toward the rear.

Click the pic for a larger view.


Please note: The skidplates appear to fit fine on some 2011+ models, and on others are requiring some spacer pieces to be needed for clearance to the exhaust. The oil drain port does not line up perfectly on the 2011+ models. All 2010 and older model SX4's though... no problem.


Suzuki SX4 Skid Plate - $209  



The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer


 Picture shows our skidplate with its integration with the factory 'sump guard'.

Click image for larger view.

SX4 Skid Plate