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sx4 lift installation

Suzuki SX4 Lift Kit

Always on the forefront of the Suzuki aftermarket, Rocky Road proudly introduces the very first suspension lift available for the Suzuki SX4. This awesome system allows you to easily bolt-on 2.125" of lift to your vehicle. The springs are not compressed or modified so your ride quality and handling are not adversely affected in any way.


How Suzuki should have made this vehicle from the factory...
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This is THE ONLY lift kit which does not use a compression strut spacer for lift!
The only kit which does not create a rough and stiff ride!

Every other lift kit on the market will create a very stiff and rough ride for your Suzuki. You may save some money buying those cheaply engineered kits, but every time you go for a drive, you will wish you had bought a proper engineered suspension from Rocky Road.

Those other kits create lift by Pre-Compressing the springs inside of the strut assembly. This means your springs are nearly fully compressed before your vehicle is even set back onto the ground. Its a horribly stiff and rough ride, but people get suckered into these kits because of low prices. NOT worth it!

Rocky Road kits mount OUTSIDE of the strut assembly so the ride quality, comfort, handling, is not affected. Every other kit on the market, will give you a stiff and rough ride.

SX4 Lift KitBefore: Doesn't look too bad, until....
SX4 Lift KitAfter!
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Clearance is the main reason we started work on this system. The SX4 has some of the worst undercarriage clearance of any vehicle in its All Wheel Driveclass. Even some Subaru cars can get you further down a dirt road than a stock SX4.... and that ain't right :^(

So whether you are looking get a little more daylight under your rig for some offroading adventure, or just want to make your Suzuki into a head-turning mean machine, Rocky Road gets the job done. No vibrations, no bad CV angles, nothing but the same excellent ride quality you've always had.... just a bit taller.


Kit contains:

Front Strut spacers. Our lifetime warranty steel spacers don't change or modify your ride quality. You get all the lift without any downsides.

Rear strut spacers. Again, our lifetime warranty coil spacers give you the perfect amount of lift without any reduction in ride quality or comfort. Only minutes to install.

Camber bolt pack. The custom offset bolts are necessary to achieve proper alignment and most alignment shops will really overcharge for these pieces. We save you that headache by including them in the kit.

 All Rocky Road manufactured components come with a great looking durable black powdercoat finish.

Detailed step-by-step instructions with photos so even the novice do-it-yourselfer can perform their own installation.

We often get asked what size tire fits. Many factors can come into play on answering this question, the tire make/model (since tire manufacturers use different sizing formulas), the wheel width, backspacing, etc, etc. What we can tell you is that the most popular choice if you do want a larger tire has been 215/70/R16. It is ALWAYS best however to have your lift installed BEFORE you go tire shopping!

Please note: Alignment is extremely important for this vehicle when you add a suspension lift. You MUST plan on having a 4wheel alignment performed immediately following or even at the time of the installation.

We get asked alot about vehicle warranty. While each dealership has their own interpretation, the rule of thumb is that only the parts modified are affected by warranty. By leaving your factory suspension intact and only adding to the outside of your struts/springs/shocks, you haven't altered the parts to affect their performance. You get a fantastic looking Suzuki AND get to keep your factory service warranty.



suzuki sx4 lift kitBottom line....
Enjoy more freedom, expand your boundaries, adventure further... and turn a few heads all at the same time with the Rocky Road Suzuki SX4 suspension lift kit.

Bradford Stephenson sent us this picture of his lifted SX4 from Canada,
which also sports the Rocky Road Skidplates.

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Suzuki owners with the 1.6 engine--- There is a chance you have a 12mm cam bolt instead of the 14mm bolts included in our kit. Please check your vehicle to verify the bolt size on your struts. Contact us regarding your order if you do have this rare bolt size.

Note... for those who will be pushing their vehicles hard offroad. To reduce the rare occurrence of the strut bolt breaking (we have had a few reports of this from the thousands of lift kits sold worldwide), you can do a couple small tack welds around our spacer to the strut top to help hold it in a tighter, locked, more firm position. This can reduce the possibility of this bolt damage occuring. 


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