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Suzuki Samurai Steering Wheels!


Grant Steering wheels are THE leaders in aftermarket steering. Built from a tradition in racing and hot rods, they're also a great way to spruce up the interior of your 4WD vehicle. The stock Suzuki Samurai steering wheel tends to be HUGE.... Its like steering a bus or semi-truck! Grant wheels are a great way to dress up your interior while also opening up some lap room for a more comfortable ride on and offroad. Each price listed below also includes the necessary installation kit for your Samurai.
If you see lower prices elsewhere, its because they're not including that mandatory install kit in the price, it would have to be purchased separate.


PLEASE NOTE: Price of your steering wheel kit includes the necessary Suzuki Samurai steering wheel adaptor kit.
HOWEVER, you must order the kit separate in order to receive. Add it to your cart if you are ordering your Grant Steering Wheel online.

Suzuki steering adaptor kit - $0




Suzuki Samurai Steering WheelThis awesome wheel is a favorite. It features Grant's patented exclusive dual-plane spoke design. This 3-dimensional hi-tech, dual plane 4-spoke design offers a "world class look." The wheels have an extra thick textured foam cushion grip. Black foam grip, black spokes, and required installation kit.  
Challenger, 414 - $104



Suzuki Samurai Steering Wheel

Another great Challenger style wheel with the same great dual plane, 3-D construction. Black cushion grip with satin silver spokes. 13-1/2" diameter, 3" dish. This steering wheel is great for offroading, looks terrific, and is very durable. Comes with the installation kit. 

Challenger, 415 - $104




Suzuki Samurai Steering Wheel

This Challenger's dimensional 3-spoke design is available with thick textured foam cushion grip and foam trim ring. The spokes are CRS steel silver finish. Standard tough duty construction for great durability on and offroad. Classic 3 spoke design with the required installation kit included.

Challenger, 860 - $99




Suzuki Samurai Steering Wheel

Challenger Wheel in the 870 series. Super durable black cushion grip with matte black spokes. 13-3/4" diameter, 2-1/4" dish. Comes with the easy to install kit. Classic, attractive, and simple design. Comes with kit.

Challenger, 870 - $99