Most of the gang all piled up for pictures at Spider Lake (Photo courtesy of Scott Gomez, editor of ORC's Suzuki page).

Each year on the 2nd weekend in August, Suzuki enthusiasts from all over the country and even Canada converge upon the world famous Rubicon trail for the annual ASA Suzis on the Rocks event which we host.

Geoff Beasley tackles one of the early obstacles on the Rubicon before getting to Spider Lake.



The Rubicon has a long rich history as being one of the most challenging and beautiful trails on the planet and is located just west of Lake Tahoe. Anyone is welcome on the event run and there is no fees or admission. We put together a free BBQ on Friday night and organize trail runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Base camp is located as the incredible Spider Lake. Great swimming, fishing, and one of the most awesomely beautiful alpine lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains make this a favorite camp locale for everyone.

Taking a trip across the notorius slabs on Rubicon. Pick your line well.... these things can get off-camber!


In store for Suzis on the Rocks adventurers is a free roller coaster ride on some exciting terrain. Daytrips take you through some of the more fun spots on the trail and to various lakes and streams found along the way. We also host a free BBQ cookout on Friday night for all Zuk nuts. Alot of folks roll in on Friday and Saturday as well if you can't make the first trip in on Thursday.

Coming down the U-turn on the Big Sluice.


Feel free to email us about next year's event. Imformation is usually available well in advance on the ASA website and the website as well.

Doesn't happen often.... but make sure you pick your line well when you decide to take the extreme route!

Have fun browsing through a couple pics and make sure to make some plans for next year's 2001 rubicon run. A summer without the ASA Rubicon run ain't really much like a summer at all. This is one event you don't want to miss! Book your vacation time now for next year's run!