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ARB Ford Superduty Bull Bar Bumper

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Ford Superduty Bull Bar Bumper, F250 / F350

Very modern in styling yet distinctively ARB in heritage, this new Modular Bull Bar is truly innovative and utilizes a new modular design.

Three distinct configurations are available, allowing for customization to meet individual needs or preferences. Many considerations were included in the research and development process, but first and

foremost the bar needed to retain the ARB core principles of quality, reliability and practicality. This new style of Modular Bull Bar is a direct response to the research and collaboration performed by ARB’s expert

engineers. The result is a Modular Bull Bar that provides features for any Super Duty, no matter if it is a dedicated hunting rig that takes off for the back country, a fleet truck, or a daily driver that must be ready

for any adventure. The tough and rugged appearance of the Ford Super Duty, with its large front fascia, made the styling of

these Modular Bull Bar kits a unique challenge. This new design features a large split center pan, formed wings, and a center upright assembly specifically designed to match and carry the truck’s styling.

Each of the integrated features were also designed from the ground up as exemplified by the all new Integrit™ textured black powder coat, the unique press formed fog light housings, and the ability to mount a

variety of winches (up to a Warn 16.5ti) within the bumper.

ARB Superduty Bull Bar

Ford Superduty Deluxe Style Bull Bar Bumper (Type A)

Protection and Styling

  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection.
  • Superbly engineered, airbag compatible mounting system.
  • Unique, configurable design allows for customized level of protection and appearance.
  • Vehicle specific design to complement the design of 2011+ Super Duty trucks.
  • Super Duty specific split pan to accommodate airflow requirements and provide access to winch handle, if a winch is fitted.
  • Open center pan design highlights winch fitment.
  • Will accommodate Warn Heavy Weight electric winches up to the 16.5ti model.
  • Provided kit for mounting a hawse or roller fairlead.
  • Twin Hi-Lift Jack lifting points located under the pan of the bar.
  • Provision to accommodate a range of IPF & ARB Driving Lights.
  • Fog lights provided as standard with each kit.
  • Two antenna brackets located on the outer wing frames.
  • Press formed and styled upright cover straps.

Type A Bumper

Includes full width bumper, center upright hoop and outer frames. This kit provides the highest level of protection.

Type B Bumper

Includes full width bumper and center hoop. Provides protection around grille and radiator.

Type C Bumper

Includes full width bumper replacement.

ARB Superduty Bull Bar

Ford Superduty Sahara Style Bull Bar Bumper (Type B)

ARB Superduty Bull Bar

Ford Superduty Base Style Bull Bar Bumper (Type C)

Ford Superduty Bull Bar Winch Fitment

The ARB Superduty bull bar will accommodate the Warn Heavy Duty winch series up to the 16.5ti. The Zeon winch series will also fit. There are provisions for a hawse or roller fairlead.

If no winch is going to be installed, a reinforced steel screen and bracket can be fitted to achieve a clean, finished appearance.

Integrated Fog Lights

Each center pan ships with a set of purpose-built 51W 9006/H4B4 halogen fog lights (3500590). The new fog lights are designed specifically for foggy and foul weather conditions. These lights have a hard coated polycarbonate lens along with an impact resistant housing. They are fully submersible and include an external gauze breather. These lights are easily integrated into the truck’s factory wiring, allowing for operation through the original equipment switch. Press formed surrounds are incorporated into the design and construction of the Bull Bar.

Mounts for Driving Lights

These Modular Bull Bars feature laser cut holes in the top of the center pan for fitment of a range of compatible driving lights such as ARB Intensity LED & IPF 968, 800 & 901 series lights.

Factory Tow Points

The fitting of the ARB Modular Bull Bar does not affect the factory tow points. The design of the Bull Bar utilizes these distinctive features of the Super Duty as both OE hooks are retained in the standard location and maintain the factory tow ratings.

Antenna Mounts

Two antenna mounts are welded to the top tube of the outer hoops to allow fitment of UHF/AM radio and CB antennas.

Hi-Lift Jacking Points

Each Modular Bull Bar comes standard with two reinforced Hi-Lift jacking points designed into the center pan.

Integrit Powder Coat

Manufactured in Australia, this proprietary polymer blend delivers incredible resistance to damage from sources suchas road debris, surface abrasion, weathering, acid spotting, and off road usage.

For improved corrosion resistance products available with Integrit™ are now pre-treated with a zinc rich powder coat primer before coating. Utilizing ARB’s quality controlled pre-treatment process; the textured finish offers class leading protection, providing unparalleled corrosion resistance.

ntegrit™ texture powder coated surfaces benefit from self-cleaning capabilities, with the formula incorporating a synthetic PTFE wax for resistance against dirt and road grime. The coating is easily cleaned with a mild wash solution.

Synchro Pulse Controlled Welding

The Modular Bull Bar construction utilizes synchro pulse controlled welding on the visible welds. This type of welding controls the molten drop transfer as current, frequency and duration of the welding arc is controlled resulting in a visually appealing weld with seam quality that is comparable with that of a TIG weld.

Each current pulse is controlled so that a single droplet of filler metal is detached each time and welding is able to be done with a constant arc length resulting in the virtually spatter free weld.

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ARB Ford Superduty Bumper Kits

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