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Snow plow kits for Truck, SUV, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan...


Snow plow kit for any truck or SUV

Ah yes, Winter is once again upon us. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
In fact, Old Man Winter..... BRING IT ON!!!

Many SUV and small truck owners dream of being able to take care of their own snowplow needs.... and maybe help out neighbors and family as well. Problem is that in the past, any snowplow worth its salt was a complete behemoth that required very involved installations such as tapping into your power steering system which would often overwhelm the power steering causing premature pump failure as well as other assorted mechanical problems. On top of all that, the darn things weigh a ton and are intimidating for many people.
Installation and removal is in no way a one-man job.....Enter Rocky Road Outfitters

Our Key Snowplow Features:
NOT A CHEAP FLIMSY KIT!!! We are seeing a number of kits which look decent in a photo online, but they're all cheap, flimsy, you get what you pay for... which is maybe one season of frustrating and inferior snow-pushing service.
Blade lifting and lowering system
Remote control for convenient in-vehicle operation
Left or right manual angling for those hard to reach areas
Superior paint finish for increased durability
Snow deflector minimizes windshield spray and increases driver's visibility
Skid shoes (optional extra in most kits) help your plow glide over rough or uneven terrain with ease
Storage/mounting systemt for easy plow attachment and removal. A key item if you're doing this at home on your own!
Thicker trip springs to ensure tension remains strong and coils tight for optimal performance when encountering obstacles
Existing holes in plow frame make it easy to add bolt-on accessories
Kits can be used with lifted vehicles (to a certain point). Email us on your specific vehicle if you have questions on this as a limitation.

Check out our video series on the Snowbear snowplow systems...

Features and Benefits
Easy Do It Yourself Assembly
Snowplow in action, pushing snow

Snow plow Mounting System

In addition to all of those features, we use vehicle specific, bolt-on mounts so that the installation is a breeze.
No need to weld anything to your frame, and it makes it possible to switch the plow between vehicles.

We also have kits which can mount to a standard 2" receiver hitch (not included)
And we also have complete snowplow kit which contains a specific mounting system for your vehicle.

You will want to find Your Snowplow Mounting Kit, or call us for your order and we can take care of that.

PERSONAL SNOWPLOW KIT... This kit features an electric winch to raise and lower the Snowplow blade system.

PRO SHOVEL SNOWPLOW KIT... This kit features an electric actuator system to raise and lower the Snowplow blade system.

WINTER WOLF SNOWPLOW KIT... This top fo the line system uses a stand-alone hydraulic power pack to raise and lower the kit as well as fully automatic remote controlled left and right angling.

This is NOT one of those cheesy blades that just plops down on the ground and drags backing up. Or even worse, the blades that mount to your factory bumper.... don't set off that airbag! UP, down, left right, This is a real working snowplow that can handle real-life snow dumps.

This is an actual plow photo from Rocky Road owner GlennWakefield (he lives at 8500').
This plow session took a couple hours, but he was able to push all of this snow off his long drivewaywith his Suzuki car and a Snowbear snowplow.
To get the huge pile with the sharp cut, he did his long driveway in sections and built the ramp, then came back in from the side and chopped the ramp out to open up the turnaround past his house.

ALL of this snow was pushed with a Snowbear Slowplow!!!
Click pick for larger view.

snowbear snowplow
As for the mount system itself, everything bolts right into place using a hidden mount system under your vehicle. No cutting or welding required. You can bolt the mount on in the Fall and unbolt it in the Spring, or just leave the hidden mounts on all year!

Your vehicle drives and looks normal every day of the week. When a storm blows thru, you just connect the blade kit, plug it in with our easy connectors, and get the job done. After plowing, unhook the plow blade and no one knows your secret life as THE PLOW KING!

Fully PRE-ASSEMBLED unit ensures no missing parts

One year manufacturer's warranty

The blade itself is strong gauge steel.
Not so heavy as to crush your front suspension, but strong enough to chip thru ice and get the snow the heck out of your way!
Flimsy plastic and poly blades can't even compete.
Our blades are made from steel with a durable powder coat finish.

As noted above, this awesome snowplow can move up or down with the remote control (in-cab permanent switch systems now available). Can be manually positioned left or right as well. Pretty much every other 'personal snowplow' on the market is either fixed in position straight forward, or requires an additional kit to allow you to turn the blade. With our system, its all built in.

Our plow systems also have an overload trip system which is spring loaded. If you happen to ram a solid object plowing.... like a rock or curb, the blade tilts downward and then springs back when you back up or the blade is raised. So many features for such a great price!

Our great pricing also means that your plow will probably pay for itself in single season over having to pay for a snowplow service to do the job. You also get the reliability of.... you! No need to wait for someone to show up on their own schedule. Snow falls, you just hop in your vehicle, hook up the blade, plow (and have some fun while you're doing it), then go on your way.
Easy, easy, easy.

FREE SHIPPING for snowplow kits in Canada and the continental USA (truck freight delivery only).
Very sorry... We do not ship snowplows to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. ;^)

Please note, sales taxes may apply to Canadian shipments and are beyond the control of Rocky Road.

Due to high demand, delivery times are usually 1-3 weeks and can vary depending on seasonal demand.

Snow plow kits for any truck or SUV - FREE SHIPPING!!

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Winter Wolf Snow plows -- Hydraulic controls up/down/left/right,
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Snow plow Accessories

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Snow plow Mounting Kits -- Choose one for your mounting equipped Snowplow above.

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Don't see a Snow Plow kit listed for your vehicle??
We may still have one for you!
Send us an email to ask about your particular vehicle!



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