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Safari Snorkel & Airflow Snorkel intake systems


Safari Snorkel & Airflow Snorkel

Pioneered in Australia roughly 30 years ago, snorkels were born out of a need to protect 4WD engines from the hazards of dust and water commonly encountered in touring and off road applications.

All of our Snorkel Systems are manufactured to the highest standards in durable, UV stable, cross linked polyethylene material and deliver a continuous and cooler supply of air for maximum engine performance. Each system includes quality fixtures and fittings, which offer superior sealing, presentation and long-term durability.


Why a snorkel?

Cause you never know how deep that creek is.... and once you are in, it is too late. Taking in water through the air intake can hydraulic an engine which leads to bent and thrown rods. We know this as we had our engine blow up on the way back from Rubicon once after taking an unexpected deep drop.

Our AIRFLOW snorkel clad vehicle deep in the swamp of the Four wheeler magazine Top Truck Challenge.... Tank Trap!!! Image is a copy of the Four Wheeler magazine waterproofing 'how to' guide, for which they contacted Rocky Road as known experts on Snorkel systems.

It also came in handy during the Top Truck Challenge hosted by Four Wheeler magazine... Rocky Road was there. We found ourselves in a swamp over 4' deep. Our Airflow snorkel saved the day, and our engine.

Not to mention.... the judging staff thought the snorkel just plain looked awesome!

Other benefits of the snorkel are performance related. The published snorkel installations often note improved power and gas mileage after installation. This due to the ram-air effect the snorkel has on feeding your intake (kinda like how a supercharger works, only not as forceful). Your engine also breathes cooler air from outside of the vehicle which produces more efficient power.

Rocky Road invites you to check out both our Safari Snorkel and Airflow snorkel product lines.
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