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Samurai Z-Link Steering System



Lifting a vehicle stretches out steering geometry and causes some peculiar things to happen. Your steering becomes cockeyed, linkage hits springs, etc. The Samurai Z-link puts things back into shape. It is fine-tune adjustable in length to properly align your steering, and can be custom manufactured to fit your lift height.

samurai z linkAre you considering buying a hack and weld job from one of our competitors? STOP!
Most people want to make sure their money is going to the best quality kits, even if they cost a few bucks more. Rocky Road Zlinks are built from .25" wall DOM tube. NO OTHER KIT on the market has a steering link this strong.
Rocky Road Zlink kits are unquestionably the strongest and best engineered on the market. This fact cannot be disputed. You may save a couple $ picking up a low cost imitation, but nothing it stronger or built to last as long as the Rocky Road Zlink Steering kit!

Samurai Z-Link Build Quality

We build our Samurai Z-links with .25" thick DOM tubing and gusset the taller ones for extreme strength. We also provide an adjustable end for fine tuning length of your system. The rod end is serviceable and available from any auto parts store for years of trouble free use of your Samurai Z-link. Our Z-link also carries a lifetime guarantee. If it bends, we will replace it. No other Z-link on the market carries this level of guarantee. The Z-link does not change the configuration of your stock steering system and so is legal in countries that make this requirement. Ours gets the job done in simple fashion, very inexpensively.

Other companies have tried to copy our Z-style steering system, but have simply missed the ball on engineering and design. They will simply bend a piece of thin-walled round tube, weld an end to it, and call it good enough.... or worse yet, hack up an old stock steering link and stick you with used parts. Not good enough, nor strong enough for us though! Once the gussets are on our Z-link, even our 24-ton shop press cannot bend the Z-link. Our adjustable end is also a great feature which various other Z-style steering arms do not have.... it allows you to center your steering, and extend the length of the bar if you add more lift down the road. Don't be fooled, there is nothing on the market that comes close to Rocky Road's Samurai Z-link for quality, strength, and adjustability.

The Samurai Z-link is wickedly strong under the harshest conditions.


Another great benefit of the Rocky Road Z-link over something like say, a pitman arm, is that stock drag links on the Samurai are NOT serviceable. When, not IF, the tie rod end wears out on the stock drag link, you will have to buy a new replacement from Suzuki, or another beat up used one from a salvage yard. The Rocky Road Z-links have standard removeable tie rod ends which can be found at any auto parts store making this not only a great kit to correct for steering height, but also an upgrade to your stock steerng system!



Deluxe Samurai Z-Link Steering