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Samurai Twin Stick Kit


Suzuki Samurai Twin Stick Kit

samurai twin stick
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samurai twin stick

samurai twin stick

Our Suzuki Samurai Twin Stick Kit gives you the ability to put your transfer case in 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive high, low or neutral.

The kit also makes this possible without any "slop" common with 2-low shift options. You know exactly what gear combination you are in without guessing or fiddling with your shifter.

Additionally, the Samurai twin stick gives you a true neutral. This means that you can flat tow your Samurai without removing the front drive shaft. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the drive shaft and/or transfer case while flat towing.

So pick up our Twin Stick kit for running in 2WD in high range, or in low range, as you prefer... and also to have a true neutral shift position in your Samurai.

Why use our Samurai Twin Stick Kit

  • No cutting, welding, or bending of shifters
  • Ease of 2wd low for trails
  • Transfer case is easy to lock into gear

Please note: You might have to disassemble your tcase if you have not removed the center detent ball during earlier rebuild or if you have notched out the shifter rod to create a split H shift pattern. Factory shift rods are required.


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Suzuki Samurai Twin Stick Kit
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