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samurai gear installation

Samurai Transfer Case and Transfer Case Gears
4.16 (scroll down) and 6.5:1 ratios


samurai transfer case

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case - 6.5:1 - 4.90 - 4.16 Gear Ratios

Yes, you read correctly, our lower range gears are now here to kick the a$$ of all other gears on the planet... And yes, these are the featured gears from Extreme 4x4 TV on their project Zuk that also used our diesel conversion kit. They can't get enough of our parts and keep coming back for more! Rocky Road kits are the only ones ever used on any of the 4WD/4x4 TV shows, because we are the best!
They don't buy 2nd best kits from other shops... neither should you!


With 6.5:1 Samurai Transfer Case Gears you get a 187% reduction in low range, 20% High Range (ideal for 32"+ tires)

With 4.90:1 Samurai Transfer Case Gears you get a 115% reduction in low range, 16% High Range (ideal for 31-32" tires)

With 4.16:1 Samurai Transfer Case Gears you get a 83% reduction in low range, 12% High Range (ideal for 31" and smaller)

samurai transfer caseWith our high range and low range gearing increases, what this means for you is a properly geared system while maintaining full factory ring and pinion strength. Feel the POWER both on and offroad with these revolutionary gears. Pictured are the 6.5:1 kits including the installation pieces. The 4.90 and 4.16 kits are all similar and only vary in the gearing ratios.

Precise manufacturing tolerances exceed anything currently produced in the United States, and are also substantially quieter than other gearsets coming to market. The Creeper gears are also much stronger than any other 6:1 due to their innovative larger tooth pattern. They are also the only gears on the planet to come with ground teeth for better noise control on the highway. As well, they are built from +9000 series alloy which dwarfs the strength rating of weaker 8620 alloy gears coming to market. As a result, we are pleased to announce Creeper gears come with a full factory warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Samurai Install-transfer cases require an additional core fee.
This will be billed at the time of order and refunded after the return of your working and functional core gears or transfer case.
If you have questions on this, please contact us. If ordering online, please also add in this core part ($400 for the complete rebuilt transfer case) so your online receipt will accurately reflect your billing..... you will be billed for the refundable core fee regardless of it is entered into your online order or not. Keep in mind this is a refundable amount upon return of your working core. We used to have a much lower core price, but a lack of returns for these cores has caused us to charge enough to make sure we get your core back. We do not want your $400, we want your core. Thank you.

samurai transfer case

Think our Samurai transfer case gears are for Rockcrawlers only? Think again!
Check out Jeff Walker's huge tire'd, mud slinging beast, with our 6.5:1 MegaCrawler gears.
Click on the pic for a larger view.


Samurai "Crawler" Gear Kits & Transfer Cases

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Samurai Deluxe Gear Kits:
Gears, gaskets, counter bearings, thrust washers, counter shaft

Samurai Complete Transfer Case Installation & Gears:
   We install gears, new kit bearings, gaskets, and kit seals... painted Tcase!

Samurai Complete TCase Installation, Gears, and Split-H 2low shift pattern:
We install gears, new kit bearings, gaskets, and kit seals,
     2WD low shift pattern built-in... painted Tcase!

Transfer case core:
This item MUST be selected if you are choosing the complete installation, including the
new tcase gears. If you forget to select this, it will be added in to your order before the
installation begins.

Samurai transfer cases came with two bolt patterns, 1988.5 was the switch-over year. If you have a 14mm bolt head at your driveshaft flanges, then please select the tcase option with the larger flanges.

Do not send shifter, boots, and 4wd sensor and wire with your core return.



samurai front output shaftSamurai Transfer Case Front Output upgrade

Putting in lower transfer case gears and really getting on the throttle can sometimes damage the front output shaft. This results in a loud popping noise under load and is detrimental to the life of the output shaft. Repeated popping of the front output shaft gear will result in gear failure and loss of power to the front axle.

In 1993 Suzuki upgraded the output shaft and stopped using the older style shaft that was prone to failure. These later style shafts are a drop in replacement for 1986-1989 transfer cases. This upgrade is especially good for transfer cases that have lower than stock gearing in them because the lower the gear, the higher the toque load going through the gear.

The front output gear can be installed without full disassembly of the transfer case. Only the front output cover needs to be removed to install this gear. Replace your older gear now and keep it in your tool box as a trail spare. Fits 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai's.

You can order this kit on its own for self-installation. Or you can order it with our rebuilt transfer cases and we will install it for you at the time of our installation and rebuild.

Samurai Front Heavy Duty Output kit

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Front HD Output gear kit
for self-installation
Front HD Output gear to be installed into
a Rocky Road transfer case:
Please order transfer case above, 4.16, 4.90, or 6.5 gearing.




samurai transfer case

samurai transfer caseRandy Ellis' award winning UROC, KOH, and Ultra4 competition Samurai buggy with Rocky Road gears.
Click for a larger view.





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