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Polyurethane Samurai Transfer Case Mounts



samurai transfer case mountsBombproof Samurai Transfer Case Mounts

On our annual Rubicon trip one year (Suzis on the Rocks) we blew through 3 factory rubber tcase mounts in one day... THREE! Forget that business! When we got home, we designed a completely BOMBPROOF mounting system.

Composed of new mounting hardware and polyurethane spacers, you cannot hurt this mounting system, it will not fail you on the trail, it will not tear, it is immortal! If you are as sick of blowing the factory rubber mounts as we were, then you owe it to yourself to get rid of the rubber junk and go for the BEEF! Our kit replaces all three rubber Samurai transfer case mounts.

  Poly T-case Mount kit - $32 






Beefed-up Tcase Arms

If you have a 4.16 or 4.89 transfer case, chances are, you'll twist up your tcase mount one day, if you haven't already. Every single Suzuki owner we've wheeled with has twisted one at some point in time. And when it happens, you may, or may not, be able to drive home. Why take the chance? The Rocky Road Tcase mount is a substantially reinforced oem unit designed to prevent twisting. Keep yours as a spare, but you'll never need to use it!

Beefed up short arms also available although not pictured.

Get yourself some "getcha-home" insurance with our tcase mount. A great mod at an even better price....


Beefed up Transfer Case mounts