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Suzuki Samurai Steering Coupler



samurai steering couplerWhat's the weakest link in your Samurai steering system?
What is the first part most likely to give out and leave you stranded on a trail?

Easy.... the rubber steering coupler. While you wrestle with your steering wheel, all that force travels down to this little rubber puck, and then onto your wheels. Conversely, every bump and jerk you feel from the wheels on the trail has to go back up thru this pieces to get to your steering wheel. Ujoint conversions are no good since they cannot handle the shock load over time... which is why vehicle manufacturer use these rubber couplers.

Problem is... they can sustain damage with how we push our Suzukis nowadays. And they just simply age and wear out over time. We've torn several on the trail and fortunately carried spares to get us home. Without one... you're screwed.

Everyone we know carries one... You should carry one too.

Samurai Steering Coupler - $19