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samurai installation

3" Lift Samurai Springs,
best riding, most comfortable


Samurai Springs

You've seen them on Four Wheeler TV, you've seen them on MONSTER GARAGE. When it comes to your springs, go where the pros go!

If these springs are good enough to be THE consistent choice for a known perfectionist like Jesse James and his Discovery channel show... they're probably good enough for your Zuk too.

Our red Samurai running 3" springs on the Sierra Trek (Fordyce) trail.

Best ride Samurai lift springs

We carry the renowned soft riding springpacks as a great way to lift your vehicle and dramatically increase the comfort of daily driving over stock springs. Stay away from restickered 3" lift springs that other Suzuki retailers push onto customers, especially those from CALifornia.

Those springs are farmed out to the lowest bidder in China, then sold in the US with a new sticker slapped on top. The bottom line for our springs is that when our competitors went to the lowest bidder for their springs resulting in poor quality, we went with he highest bidder and trimmed the markup to keep them competitive in the market.

Samurai SpringsLet Rocky Road show you what your vehicle can do on and off-road with these awesome 3" lifted spring packs. We package these great springs with a number of our suspension systems as well simply because we love them so much.... and we know you will too.

Also available thru Rocky Road..... Add-A-Leafs. Use these AALeafs with your 3" springs to make your suspension into a heavy duty system. Works great for vehicles running heavy bumpers, an oversized spare tire, or other heavy offroading equipment. Versatile and affordable quality from Rocky Road.

Our Samurai pictured with 3" springs and the Add A Leafs.... obviously we're toting around alot of extra weight on the rear end there.

*Not recommended for use in SPOA applications.


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