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Samurai SPOA Lift Kits

Suzuki Samurai Spring Over Axle Lift kits



samurai spoaFor the dedicated Suzuki enthusiast, we proudly offer....

The Rocky Road Samurai SPOA

Why an SPOA?

Here's a couple reasons....

The first being, clearance. SPOA (this is short for SPring Over Axle) lifts not only raise the vehicle for larger tires, they also raise the spring packs to the tops of the axles for maximum clearance.

Second is that Samurai SPOA lifts offer the best articulation of any leaf-spring lift on the market due to the extra leverage which deflects the spring packs and provides for more twist. Contrary to what some uneducated retailers might argue, the SPOA does not break springs and does not produce poor steering handling over other lifts when castor is properly set. In fact, Toyota pickups, Jeep Cherokees, and most 4WD pickups come with their springs SPOA from the factory! We believe you'll find our kit extremely well thought out, incredibly beefy, designed for serious offroading, and the demands it puts upon a vehicle.

samurai spoaPhoto of our SPOA Samurai flexing it up on 'Lower Woodpecker' in Arizona, photo courtesy of Offroad Magazine.

Some might ask how the Samurai SPOA lift stacks up against the latest passing fad.... the shackle reverse??? Extremely well. There are a couple reasons why.

Clearance is one. You install a lift to increase clearanceon your vehicle. Bolton shackle reverse towers (some folks call them "fangs") hang down and dramatically reduce approach angles. Also, with the shackletrailing in back as with S/R kits, they poke down several inches below the original spring perches and really reduce under-frame clearance. SPOA liftsput everything above the axle for max clearance!

Stability. 'Brake dive' is a common problem with shacklereversal in emergency braking which does not occur in standard SPOA lifts. This is why the manufacturer put the shackles on the front of your Suzukito begin with. If all it took for a smooth ride was to put the shackles in back, Suzuki would have made them this way from the factory (not to mentionJeep with the Wrangler, and Toyota with the Landcruiser). There is a reason the shackles are up front and it is a safety issue.

Finally, bolton shackle reverse kits severely limit your tire size. Very frequently we hear from folks who have purchased bolton S/R kits who are very unhappy about the damage to their tires from the tire being shoved back into the fenderwell. Why do they call us instead of the company that stuck them with the lift??? Most end up throwing away their expensive bolton S/R kits to go with a new SPOA system.

Now... on to the most popular lift on the market for Samurais, The Spring Over Axle lift kit. We offer weld-on and bolton Samurai SPOA kits.



The Rocky Road Deluxe Samurai SPOA kit is the best on the market. Why???

samurai spoaYou can't mess it up.Our spring pads self align every time. Just drop in place and go! Photo courtesy of IZOOK.

Start with our spring perches (PatentPending). They are custom built and designed to weld onto the factory spring pads to make the mounting system extremelytough and durable (read more). We put alot of energy into engineering and fabricating these pads to insure your axle housing does not suffer damage in the harshest trail conditions. Our spring pads are also fully gusseted, BY FAR the strongest, and easily the safest on the market by far for you, your passengers, and your Samurai. They self-align for proper castor setup every single time. They do NOT require professional welding (as other saddle style spring pads require) and are very easy for the novice welder to install. Our perches come in 5" lift for running 31" tires, and 6" for 32" tires.


To properly correct steering angles, we offer the infamous OTT High Steer kit. Lifting a vehicle stretches out steering geometry and causes some peculiar things to happen. Your steering becomes cockeyed, linkage hits springs, etc. The OTT puts things back into shape. It is fine-tune adjustable in length to properly align your steering, and can be custom made to fit your lift height.
samurai spoaAre you considering buying a hack and weld job from one of our competitors? STOP! We use all new parts in the construction on our OTT, no old used stuff. You're buying someone else's headache if your OTT is built from 15 year old Suzuki parts. If the shop you're looking at for a OTT is requiring a core and using old hack and weld engineering, just keep right on moving right over to Rocky Road. Our OTT is built with .25" thick DOM tubing and gusseted for extreme strength. We also provide an adjustable end for fine tuning length of your system. The rod end is serviceable and available from any auto parts store for years of trouble free use of your OTT. Our OTT also carries a lifetime guarantee. If it bends, we will replace it. No other OTT on the market carries this level of guarantee. The OTT does not change the configuration of your stock steering system and so is legal in countries that make this requirement. Ours gets the job done in simple fashion, very inexpensively, and with a lifetime guarantee.


samurai spoaWhen you talk about lifts you must include longer shocks. And when you talk about Samurai SPOA lifts, you have got to include good 'long travel' shocks since it has such flexy potential. To accommodate the new longer shocks you must install new shocks mounts. We offer new rear lower shocks mounts, new lower front shocks mounts, and a top mount system for the upper rears. We tilt the shocks inward to allow for much longer shocks to be used.

Tom Barkume flexing it up on the Rubicon with our Samurai SPOA system. Don't try this with any shackle reverse kit or you'll be lifting tires all over the place and feeling REALLY tippy due to their limited articulation.

Taller lifts necessitate longer brake lines. You don'teven want to take the chance of snapping a line on the trail, so longer brake lines are very important. We've used many combinations and brands of brake lines over the years and have experienced the best overall result with rubber brake lines. We have cut and rubbed through too many braided steel brake lines to feel safe about offering them for sale. Bottom line..... we feel stainless steel lines are dangerous! Also, keep in mind that in all lift kits with stainless lines, those lines are only 3" longer than stock. Not good with a 5" or 6" with lots of articulation. So in our kits, we offer only 7" over stock extended DOT approved rubber brake lines....


Another needed item for a proper SPOA lift is to install driveshaft spacers. Not only does the Samurai SPOA lift increase the distance between your pinion and Transfer case mounting flanges, it also provides for a greatly increased amount of articulation. So much that your driveshaft can come apart on the trail. Also, driving around with little spline engaged on your driveshafts an a daily basis can cause them to wear out quickly. Driveshaft spacers cure these problems. We offer from .75" for the basic SPOA ($35.00) all the way to 1.5" for the super tall lifts and the Missing Link system.




Pre-Rocky Road SPOA system.....

samurai spoa

Post-Rocky Road SPOA system... along with many other goodies!!!
Vehicle owned by Loralyn Wayco.
samurai spoa

Suzuki Samurai Spring Over Axle (SPOA) lift kit

Remember, our kit includes EVERYTHING you need to put the best lift system on the market on your Suzuki.... Rocky Road's deluxe wraparound spring pads, 7" over stock DOT approved longer rubber brake lines, Zlink steering (customizable in height for lifts up to 10" tall), long travel shock mounts for front and rear, as well as front and rear driveline extensions good for most any height lift!!!

Each piece is priced competitively, but if you buy it as a complete kit, you'll be getting a great deal!

Be sure to check out the Colorado 4WD Association's raffle vehicle a few years back.... it is a Samurai and comes with our SPOA system. They chose our system for one simple reason, it is the best. Rocky Road SPOA kits are 2nd to none and no one in the industry disputed this. Shops, Magazine editors, and clubs around the world in the know go with Rocky Road.

Catch the upcoming 4WD&Sport Utility magazine article as they install our SPOA kit and JPEater kit on top of a set of Toyota axles. The magazine editors wanted only the best for their project, so they came to Rocky Road.

Don't just take our word for it though. Tune in as we follow along with Larry Harris (President/Owner of IZOOK) as he installs the Rocky Road SPOA lift kit. Larry has been around Zuks for well over a decade, knowsthe ins and outs of every suspension on the market, and has the choice of any lift kit on the planet for his Samurai, he chose only ours... THE BEST!

Please note: Pre 88.5' Samurais must have two rear brake lines, add another $29.00 to the kit prices.

Rocky Road Engineered soft-ride long travel shocks.
We've run many shocks over the years on our Samurais, including the ultra-expensive Rancho 9000s. They rode well, but were problematic. We feel we have designed the best riding shock found on the market today for lightweight vehicles like our Suzukis. Other shocks are designed for vehicles thousands of lbs heavier than our Zuks, our RRO Engineered shocks are right on the money for a Samurai Superbly valved for a great ride on road without being mushy offroad. That's right, we threw away our RS9000s in favor of these... and they're half the cost too! Shocks are $155 for all four with the purchase of a kit, or $46 each if purchased on their own.

The bottom line is that no other Samurai SPOA system on the market comes close to the Rocky Road system for ease of installation, warranty, engineering, and quality. Do it right the first time with Rocky Road. 


Samurai SPOA Kits include....

Front wraparound spring pads Rear wraparound spring pads
7" longer front brake lines 7" Rear brake line extension
Front and rear driveshaft extensions Front and rear long travel shock mounting
Longer Ubolts


Optional items for SPOA systems

Optional 2nd rear brake line Optional OTT Steering system upgrade
Optional Long travel shocks           





You can order your Rocky Road Samurai SPOA kit online, or by phone. If you order online, please relate any special considerations which may affect the fitment of various components of the SPOA system to your vehicle.... such as: taller than stock springs, modified axles, taller than stock shackles, etc.


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Samurai SPOA kits
Samurai SPOA with OTT Stage 1 Steering Upgrade
Samurai SPOA with Long-Travel shocks,
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2nd Rear Brake Line, 86-88




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Every lift has its merits, and every Suzuki owner has different needs. This is why Rocky Road Outfitters not only offers lifted springssets, shackle lifts, and Shackle Reversal lifts.... but also SPring Over Axle lifts. Anyone who tells you one lift is better than the other in everysituation, shows not only ignorance to the needs of Suzuki owners, but also to the varied requirements of modern offroadingRead more in the "TruthAbout Lifts".