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Deluxe Suzuki Samurai Spring Perches

Patent Pending.


Samurai Spring PerchesNo Axle Failure with Deluxe Samurai Spring Perches

Here's a look at our 2nd generation 5" Wraparound spring pad. As you can see, VERY beefy and easy to work with.

When it happens on the trail, it ain't pretty! Axle housings torn open due to a saddle mount SPOA lift on a Samurai. Suzuki axles are thin-walled, we all know that. Welding on Samurai SPOA perches can be tricky for that reason; too much heat and it'll weaken your axle for an easy tear open on the trail; not enough weld, and it will break crack and lose. Hit it just right, and you can still cave in the axle as the pressure point from small Samurai SPOA perches is so focused and concentrated..... especially if you like to drive fast off-road, in the sand, or the mud and take a decent impact. Any weld on the axle tube, even if its a spring perch that wraps around 180* still damage the axle housing. Further, by using perches that weld to the housing you create problems with oil seals, burning oil residue inside the axle housing, and charred oil slag which solidifies, breaks up, and will get inside your birfields and seals. All in all, welding any Samurai spring perch to your axle tube is a bad way to go, no matter how far around the tube it wraps.

Here's an example of an axle that has been crushed in by using a standard spring pad from another SPOA lift company. It was professionally welded toSamurai Spring Perches the axle housing. As you can see, the entire axle housing is now garbage.


For anyone who doesn't want to take the chance in tearing their axle housing open or smashing it, Rocky Road offers the perfect solution.... our Deluxe Spring Perches. Our perches wrap around the axle and weld to the existing factory spring pads to eliminate the possibility of trouble. Rocky Road's wrap around spring perches are so revolutionary that we are Patenting the design (Now available for Jeeps too).

Each piece is laser cut for accuracy and consistency. We then weld everything together on a special built jig just for these pieces. Construction is beefy and gusseted for super strength. Nothing... absolutely nothing on the market is stronger than the Rocky Road spring perches. Each unit is marked as there are differences between the front and rear, and left and right. Each set carries the Rocky Road **guarantee**... for life! They install super easy. No more guessing to make sure your angles are correct. Our spring perches self-align. You cannot mess up the castor angles. Weld them to the existing perches for a total bomb-proof setup!

Samurai Spring PerchesAdjusting the skidplate on our SPOA equipped Zukinni during the Moab Zukfari.

BEWARE of some Samurai spring perches that are on the market. If you're thinking of buying a spring perch that is essentially a bent U-shaped piece of metal, these are trailer spring perches and are dangerous for automotive suspensions as they can collapse sideways under lateral stresses such as cornering on the highway. Our spring perches have full welded gussets which make them the safest spring perch on the market for your Samurai. Don't mess with ungusseted spring perches, they are dangerous.

Rocky Road spring perches come in standard height configuration for the normal 5" SPOA lift and will typically clear a 31" tire. We also make a taller 6" spring perch which provides just the right amount of lift for folks wanting to run a 32" tire and not have to fuss with body lifts or lifted springs. 



Samurai Spring PerchesBe sure to check out the Colorado 4WD Association's raffle Samurai. It is a Decked-Out Samurai and comes with our SPOA system. They chose our system for one simple reason, it is the best. Our spring perches are 2nd to none and no one in the industry disputed this. Shops, Magazine editors, and clubs around the world in the know go with Rocky Road.

Picture of our 6" SPOA springpads. Click on the pic for a larger shot!

Don't just take our word for it though. Tune in as we follow along with Larry Harris (President of IZOOK) as he installs our SPOA lift kit. Larry has been around Zuks for well over a decade, knows the ins and outs of every suspension on the market, and has the choice of any lift kit on the planet for his Samurai, he chose only ours... THE BEST!


Deluxe Samurai Spring Perches
Full sets of 4 (for front or rear only pricing, please call)





Samurai Spring PerchesOr we do have regular saddle style spring perches which weld to the top of your axle. These are the pieces that come with our Budget SPOA kit.

These are also the spring perches you would choose to install Toyota axles onto your Samurai with a Spring Over Axle suspension since our Deluxe spring pads are engineered specifically for the Suzuki axles. Perfect for use on Toyota axles, or any other axle for that matter to the Samurai.

They provide a cheaper way to get the spring perches onto the tops of your axles. This is what all the other shops carry.

Saddle Spring perches