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Samurai Spare Tire Carrier


Suzuki Samurai Spare Tire Carriers

The Rocky Road series of Crawler Bumpers are the strongest and most well made bumpers on the market for Suzukis. We build all of them on the premises which makes it very easy to customize your bumper. If you have any ideas which you do not see listed below and would like for them to be incorporated, we can probably accommodate you.

samurai spare tire carrierAll Rocky Road bumpers and tire carriers come with a durable Powdercoat finish! 

Zuk pictured with standard tire carrier mounted to Crawler II bumper with Rocker Corners.


Samurai Spare Tire Carrier:

Bolts up to our Crawler II bumper as pictured right.

If you're like us and have run large tires for awhile, chances are you've begun to see your tire carrier, and/or tailgate fall apart. The stock carrier was designed for a 25" tire, not the kind of stuff we're running. We even had a 33" tire tear our tailgate off the vehicle on a trip to Moab one time. Never again!

Our very strong tire carriers are specifically designed to carry heavy oversized tires. Comes with latch and hinge assemblies. Built around an A-frame design which is very stout. Easily handles whopper tires and comes with a greaseable hinge. 



Samurai Wheel-O-Fortune Spare Tire Carrier: (not pictured)

Fits the Crawler II rear bumper. Same great design as our regular tire carrier as pictured above. Same great super strong design, latch & hinge assemblies.

This kit however has the added feature of carrying a spare locking hub, spindle, and bearing assembly on the trail with this carrier. 'Wheel-O-Fortune' effect means the tire actually spins on the tire carrier due to that factory hub and spindle assembly. Yes, this kit actually does come with a spare hub!!! Everyone loves this design no matter what vehicle they drive. It is officially, MEGA COOL!

samurai spare tire carrier
Shows Combo carrier with no jack or gas can carrier mounted yet.
samurai spare tire carrier
Shows Combo carrier with a gas can mount attached.
samurai hilift mount
Combo Carrier with HiLift mount (Loc-Rack, included in our kit).
Wheel-O-Fortune carriers are subject to availability as we do not always have hub/spindle assemblies in stock.  



The Samurai rear Combo Carrier for HiLift, or Gas/Water can...

This tire carrying unit is used with our Crawler II bumper.

The design of this carrier system looks more rectangular than the A-frame style "Tire Carrier" pictured above.

The spare tire is hard mounted offset and allows mounting for either a Gerry can mount as pictured below (not included), or a Hi Lift jack mount (Loc-Rack, included in the price).

These accessories will mount on the Driver's side of the tire carrier. The owner of the vehicle pictured right couldn't make up his mind which accessory carrier he wanted, so none is shown on the upper photo.

The latch and hinge assemblies are the same as our regular A-frame tire carrier.


This is the tire carrier you may have seen featured a couple years back in 4WD and Sport Utility magazine and Four Wheeler magazine.
It is truly unique in the Suzuki world and our competition has never come close to as high a quality system as the Rocky Road Combo Carrier... so most don't even bother.





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