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Samurai Shock Mounts



samurai shock mounts
samurai front shock mount

Samurai Front Upper Shock Mounts

These bolt-on units increase the height on the top end of your shocks a good 4+ inches.

Allows you to install those super long shocks for that extra articulation you so crave.

Powdercoated for an awesome look and finish. Converts the front shock over to a double eye shock (rear style), as opposed to the flex limiting pin top factory style shocks. They come complete with easy to follow instructions, shock mounting hardware, and frame mounting hardware including sleeves to prevent the frame from crushing in!

AVOID the cheapo Ford style shock mounts our competitors sell. They require you to hack up the inside of the fenderwell thereby exposing the engine to debris flying off your tires. The Ford towers require cutting out a chunk of your fender well.

The Rocky Road kit gives the same height extension, without the ghetto hack job! Our kit also provides more room for larger tires than U-shaped hoop/tubing style mounts as well.

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Samurai Front Upper Shock Mounts - $85





samurai upper rear shock mountBolton Samurai Rear Upper Shock Mount

Our rear upper shock mount easily bolts on to tilt your shock mounting points over. What this means is not only a softer action from the shock itself for smoother ride, but it also means you can get long travel shocks onto your vehicle. Take full advantage of your vehicle's suspension flex with our simple bolton shock mount. Kit offers 3 different mounting positions which really helps in jockeying the shocks around your exhaust system.

Samurai Bolton Rear Upper Shock mount - $59




samurai-spoa-shock-mountsWeldon Samurai Shock Mounts for SPOA

Piecing together your own SPOA lift? Let our long travel shock mounts help you round out your lift system.

Our front and rear lower shock mounts allow you to put 5" longer shock on than if you mount to the ubolt plates at the top of the axle.

Simple weldon installation.

Samurai Weldon SPOA Shock Mounts