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Samurai Shifter Sheet, Shifter fix kits, and Shifter Knobs


Samurai Transmission Sloppy Shifter Fix

Does your transmission shifter flop around like a wet noodle? Is it tough to find a gear sometimes? Our Suzuki factory fix-it part will tighten your shifter right up

  Transmission shifter fix - $3 

 Samurai Transmission Shifter Sheet

We also carry a replacement bushing for the Transmission shifter. Our replacement bushing carries a lifetime guarantee and is manufactured from pure polyurethane

  Transmission shifter bushing - $19 


samurai shifter sheetTransmission Shifter Kit

This kit contains the sloppy shifter fix bolt, AND the transmission replacement bushing.


  Full transmission shifter kit - $22.50 




samurai shifter sheetSamurai Transfer Case Sheet

The tcase 'sheet' is the bushing your transfer case shifter rests on. It can also be one major pain in the rear when it goes bad. Your transfer case will seize up and lock into neutral. You may or may not make it home from the trail after that. Our new high-density polyurethane sheet not only replaces the factory jobber, it will also last for longer than you own your vehicle... guaranteed! Don't just get another factory bushing from the other guys, pick up our lifetime bushing and never have to worry about this problem again.
You can also view an installation and review of our 'sheet kit' from

  T-case Sheet - $19 








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