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samurai lift installation

Lifted Samurai Shackle, 1" and 2" Longer Than Stock



samurai shackleWhether you're looking to take advantage of longer travel in a set of lifted springs, trying to fine tune the lift height on your 4x4, or looking for a mild lift to throw a little bit larger tire on and soften out your ride, Rocky Road shackles will fill the bill.

samurai shackleRocky Road offers 1" and 2" taller Samurai shackles. Why no taller? Because in our experience, any taller can be dangerous. Net lift on shackles is 1/2 of the extra shackle height. This is because only one end of the spring is lifted, not both. In other words, a 2" shackle will actually get you 1" of lift on your vehicle.


Our own mild lifted Zuk pilots thru the BombDrop on Cliffhanger in Moab
with Rocky Road 2" taller shackles and OME springs.


Our Samurai shackles are CAD cut for not only consistency and quality, but also great looks. Beware cheaper quality shackles are they typically use a lessor gauge steel and so flex side to side. This can produce squirrely handling characteristics on the highway. In typical Rocky Road fashion, we overbuild our shackles to prevent this.

Our 2" Samurai shackles feature a welded crossmember. Our 1" shackle set is a free floating style similar to the factory shackles. No welded center section. All are made from very beefy 5/16" steel, they offer great flex for the articulation junkie.

Samurai Shackles are sold in pairs, you need two pairs to do the front and rear.


Premium Samurai Shackle Lifts