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Suzuki Samurai Rear 'Crawler' Bumper'



samurai rear bumper

Samurai Rear Bumper

As the saying goes.... "You buy one, you own it forever!"

That's because this Samurai rear bumper is simply the most durable and strongest thing you will ever attach to your Zuk.

An incredibly beefy rear bumper that comes with tapered 45* ends for a proven heavy duty trail design. The basic style Rockcrawler bumper you'll see on most serious 4WD vehicles, yet also attractive enough for a daily driver. Alot of other shops just cut the end square all the way down. This is easier and cheaper to produce, but it doesn't look all that good and does give the additional side clearance.

The Crawler Samurai rear bumper also puts some real metal between you and traffic hazards instead of the tinfoil stock bumper.

Our Crawler bumpers all tuck tight for maximum departure angle and come with full light array and wires. The layout of our lighting is such that there is no bleed-thru of current as with single running light designs. Other bumpers on the market may have copied our look, but just didn't get the wiring right. On theirs if you put your blinker and brake on at the same time, you get a rapid flash and no front blinker as a result. All our rear bumpers also come with a Class II, 2" receiver hitch. The design is similar looking to popular TJ Wrangler bumpers that cost upwards of $500-700.

PLEASE NOTE: Rocky Road bumpers utilize the stock mounting position and hardware for your rear drop hitch kit. If you have this Drop Bar still on your vehicle, no problem.
If you are missing this flat drop bar, you can either pick up your own bolts and nuts, although the nuts are a challenge without the welded capture-plate. Or... you can pick up our mounting hardware kit which supplies the bolts and the captured nuts welded to a backing plate, which makes the installation much easier than going with normal nuts/bolts.  

Samurai rear Crawler bumper... there is no finer rear bumper on the planet. 


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Samurai Crawler Rear Bumper



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