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Samurai Rear Bumper - Crawler II



samurai rear bumper

Samurai Rear Bumper - Deluxe Crawler II

The Rocky Road Samurai Rear Crawler bumpers are often imitated, but never duplicated. This is THE Original Samurai offroad bumper!

This excellent rear bumper is the best production rear bumper made for Samurais, no question about it. Constructed from super strong square tubing and designed to bolt right onto the rear of your Zuk. Our Samurai rear bumpers are laser cut for super precision on each unit. Each bumper also comes with a Class II, 2" receiver for towing and vehicle extraction (for your buddies of course). We supply the lights which include brake, running, blinker, and backup. No trailer wire adaptor is necessary, and no drilling is required to mount the Crawler II to your Samurai. 

Click on this picture of Tom Gorman's "DOGTOY" for a king size
view of the Crawler II with the optional tire carrier and 33" spare.

Samurai Rear Bumper Options

samurai rear bumperWe set each Crawler II bumper up to accept our tire carriers. The Crawler II also has the available option of side rocker guards (pictured on the right) for your Samurai's rear quarter panels. Very cool looking and very functional. These rock sliders for your corners offer excellent protection against trail damage to the rear and rear corners of your precious baby. View the photo to get an idea of what may be involved when installing these on your Suzuki.

All Rocky Road Crawler bumpers come standard with a great looking black Powdercoating.

Art Lilley's (RIP) Samurai with Crawler II and optional carrier.
Click on the picture to find out more about Art who gave his life in Afghanistan.

There is no better built or better looking rear bumper than a Rocky Road Crawler. We build them for the trail and all the abuse a trail can dish out. Attention to side clearance and departure angles is critical. Yet this bumper also looks excellent on any highway or cruising boulevard in the world.

Samurai Rear Bumper Warranty

All of our Samurai Crawler Rear bumpers carry a lifetime warranty.... if you can manage to dent or bend one, we will replace it free. We've been making these bumpers for well over 2 decades now though and haven't had a return yet. No other company makes an offer like this because no other company can. Rocky Road's Samurai rear bumpers are proven and we will always be around, just in case.

Please visit our options webpage for information on the different tire carriers that are available for the Crawler II bumper. Please note, our tire carriers will only fit the Crawler II bumper, no other on the market (without custom modification) or our Crawler I bumper. 

PLEASE NOTE: Rocky Road bumpers utilize the stock mounting position and hardware for your rear drop hitch kit. If you have this Drop Bar still on your vehicle, no problem.
If you are missing this flat drop bar, you can either pick up your own bolts and nuts, although the nuts are a challenge without the welded capture-plate. Or... you can pick up our mounting hardware kit which supplies the bolts and the captured nuts welded to a backing plate, which makes the installation much easier than going with normal nuts/bolts.  

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Samurai Crawler II Rear Bumper
Samurai Crawler II with Corner Rock Sliders
Requires trimming of corner panels as shown in photo
Optional Tire Carriers