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samurai steering installation

Suzuki Samurai Power Steering!!!



samurai power steeringThis is it! Bolt on power steering for your Samurai. Reward yourself with the gift of power steering today. No more tweaked thumbs, no more wrestling match on the trail, no more fighting to stay on the trail, and easy one-finger driving around town! Time to sit back, relax, enjoy your ride, and feel the power of easy one-handed steering.

<  Kit pictured with factory A/C system.

Why Toyota Components?

The kit uses the Toyota power steering setup and is the beefiest Power Steering system on the market for Samurais. Toyota systems have been used for years with great success on Zuks and this kit brings it to you in bolt on form. No drilling of any new holes in your frame! We do get guys asking about steering boxes from Toyota pickups since they are pretty common, but unfortunately those are designed to mount outside of the frame which won't work on the Samurai without extensive cutting and welding fabrication. By sticking with the Toyota automobile box, its a simple bolton system, but every bit as strong as the Toy pickups.

samurai power steering kitAC Compatible Samurai Power Steering Conversion

One great element of this kit is that it allows you to use your factory Air Conditioning in conjunction with the power steering kit. This is the only kit on the market which allows this combination to be run. That's correct, you read it right, A/C COMPATIBLE!!!

This is also great for those folks who maybe don't want A/C, but want to add it one day. Our system uses the A/C pump as the tensioner pulley. Those without A/C, we have a kit which supplies an additional separate tensioner pulley.

Photo shows our Power Steering kit for NON-AC Samurais.

Click pic for larger view.

This system is the BEEF too!
We currently run 35x15.50" Swampers on our Zukinni Samurai and the Toyota system turns these big 'meats' just fine.
In fact, these are the same size pumps found on Toyota pickup trucks where folks are regularly running 35", 36", & 38" tires.
We have also been able to remove the steering dampeners from all our Samurais since the power of the Toyota kit is so great it eliminates bumpsteer.
So why would you go with a weaker system? See below...

 Rocky Road declares WAR on weak power steering systems!!!

We are offering a reward for information leading up to the arrest & capture of a smaller/weaker power steering system than that of the Suzuki Sidekick/Tracker. All other shops enjoy selling this puny power steering kit and want you to use it turning your oversized rubber!?!

We have found no whimpier a power steering system on any vehicle on the planet than the Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker pump. So, why on Earth would anyone choose to buy a kit to put this THE weakest P/S system on their Samurai to turn larger tires??? Its insane!!!

**If you can be the first find us a smaller, weaker power steering system on a U.S. vehicle than that of the Suzuki Sidekick, we'll give you $100 towards the purchase of our new Toyota power steering system.

14 years and counting for this offer. NO ONE has found a weaker pump than the Sidekick/Tracker. Go Toyota! Booo other systems.


Now back to business.... The Toyota kits use one of the most readily available systems found in Salvage yards today, also frequently found on Ebay. Rebuilt pumps can be purchased at most auto parts stores in the $60 range with lifetime warranties. You can also order the box in new from Toyota if you like.

Coming soon, kits for 1.6 engines.


Non-A/C Samurai Power Steering Kit:

This kit includes our custom Toyota pitman arm, bolt-on steering box bracket, all bolt-on steering pump brackets, reservoir mounting bracket, all mounting hardware, idler pulley. Kit requires a 2-row pulley. If your Suzuki does not have one, pick one up from us as an option.... or a salvage yard.

Non-A/C steering kit - $239

A/C for equipped Samurai Power Steering:

This kit includes our custom Toyota pitman arm, bolt-on steering box bracket, all bolt-on steering pump brackets, reservoir mounting bracket, and all mounting hardware.

A/C equipped steering kit - $229

Optional Samurai Power Steering Pieces:

Please call for current availability on pulleys and steering boxes before ordering.

Optional Kit pieces
Please note: The Optional Steering box, does not come with the rag-joint yoke. You will need to find one
from a salvage yard, Toyota dealer, or reuse the stock Suzuki one.


What are you waiting for? Call us today or click above to order in your very own!!!

Pumps for the kit:Toyota Celica '78-81
(Pumps up to 05/81, 06/81+ pumps will not work)

The steering box can be off of the following vehicles:
Toyota Celica '78-81
Toyota Corona '78-81
Toyota Cressida '78-81


A handy resource for finding used pumps, steering boxes, and any other used part for any vehicle is
Ebay, or one of the large parts lots in Rancho Cordoba, CA.