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samurai parts

We get alot of people asking what the Rocky Road Samurai looks like.
Well... its pretty damn cool, and fast! Click on either picture above to view a webpage with more photos and information on our company ride!



samurai parts

Our Extreme Action shot series...

This time we remember a fallen hero and friend of ours at Rocky Road.   
Click the pic to view... 

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Trying to decide what's the best lift for you?
Click the pic!

While there, check out the articulation chart
samurai parts

Rocky Road Outfitters owns THE ONLY 4x4 ever used to sell a computer.

Yes... pictured to the left is an Apple Computer magazine ad, in which appears our Zukinni Samurai. Our Zukinni competed in the 1997 Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge.

The image was used to not only illustrate performance and quality, but also to show how powerful things can come in small packages. We're not sure whether an advertising executive was a Rocky Road fan, or the folks at Apple just knew our reputation for being the best in our business. If a huge company like Apple Computer recognizes our superiority though... you can feel confident that you are buying from the best when you shop at Rocky Road. 

samurai parts

The Colorado State 4WD raffle vehicle

When Colorado wanted to build the perfect Suzuki for their raffle vehicle, they came to Rocky Road. The vehicle is set up with various modifications available thru Rocky Road, including: the Rocky Road 5" SPOA suspension, Long Travel shocks, ARB Locker, Lockright Locker, Tuffy lockbox, Rocky Road Gears, rear disc brake system, billet shifter knobs, etc.....

Also, don't miss the 4WD&Sport Utility Magazine article installing our SPOA/JPEater system, the Four Wheeler magazine article on our Coil Suspension lift, and the Extreme 4x4 TV show installing our diesel conversion kit. When the experts want to build the best Samurai possible, they come to Rocky Road, why shouldn't you? 

samurai parts

For more information on what happened to the Suzuki Samurai, the unfair and unfounded attacks from Consumer Reports that lead to the demise of our beloved 4x4. Click on the Suzuki logo above.

samurai parts

Pics from the original Moab Zukfari hosted by Rocky Road Outfitters, circa 2000

samurai parts

Click for some coverage of Suzis on the Rocks.
The Rubicon run Rocky Road hosted in the late 90's

samurai parts

History is made in Utah as new more lenient suspension laws go into effect. Rocky Road owner Glenn Wakefield was there and instrumental!



samurai parts

**Rocky Road Outfitters... voted one of the top ten "All Star Manufacturers" in the United States**
Four Wheeler magazine



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